Saturday, October 1, 2016

October's Arrival

The other day, while eating lunch, I noticed the branches of the oak tree shaking like crazy.  Just as I wondered what was up, a tiny trapeze artist (with a long bushy tail) flew out of the tree and landed in the nearby dogwood.  In a matter of minutes the entire episode repeated itself.
Clearly it was time for quick action on my part.

Abandoning my lunch, I scurried out to the oak tree with clipper (& camera) in hand.
At first glance it would seem as though I had missed my opportunity.  But then hiding behind the large holly shrub I spotted a couple of branches that he had missed.
I started picking the tiny acorns as fast as I could.
Just to be sure I lobbed off a branch and fled the scene.

It's been a few years since my oak trees have produced acorns.
I wasn't about to miss the chance to squirrel away a few of my own.

Those indoor squirrels need to be fed too.

October has arrived and with it we are welcoming cool temperatures and barely noticeable humidity. 
I can't even begin to tell you how thrilled I was to open the windows early this morning and breathe in fresh, cool air.  A lovely moment in a lovely day.
We took a trip to the local garden center to pick up some cool weather crops.  A variety of lettuce, kale and swiss chard.  We'll be getting our fill of greens this fall.  The garden center was filled with mums, pumpkins and gourds.  Always such a welcome sight at this time of year.
I hope your first day of October was a good one too.
I'd also like to thank all of you who weighed in on my missing blog list dilemma.  It does appear to be a Blogger issue that is affecting some of us.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will show up again soon.  I suppose I have a strange way of following your blogs.  I rely on the links in my sidebar, the links in some of your sidebars and a few others I have stored in Favorites.  I have never used any type of blog reader.  I'm sure this isn't the most efficient way to go about blog reading, but it's the way I've always done it.  Therefore, I am feeling a bit lost without my list.

How do you go about your blog reading?
Perhaps the time has come for me to do so in a more efficient manner.


  1. The little squirrels are so cute. The acorns are perfect there too.

    I missed the talk about the blog list, I think. Did yours disappear? Mine did that before too but it came back. Blogger does weird things. I did sign up for Bloglovin but don't pay much attention...a good old list still makes me happiest. :)

    1. Hi Stacey,
      Yes, it did disappear a few days ago. From what I am hearing, it has happened to others too.
      I hope it will re-appear just like yours did.

  2. Do you like acorn years? Not I! What a fright show they are...lots of raking to do because of them. But, they do look nice in your decor. I envy you your fall crops.

    1. Hi Vee,
      I do like to be able to find some acorns in my backyard. Although, I know they can be a major mess. Our trees are at the back of the beds. What the squirrels don't eat winds up mostly on the mulch. We haven't had to deal with too many in the lawn.

  3. Your little squirrel stitching and figurines are so very cute. I enjoyed watching the antics of the squirrels in my BILs backyard in Toronto this summer. Glad you were able to snatch some acorns for yourself. I never used blog reader; have always relied on my sidebar to visit. Surely it will be worked out soon as I've noticed other bloggers having the same problem. Happy October!

  4. I never thought of taking a branch of acorns for decorating! I love the idea. IN regards to your missing blog list. that also happened to me once and then... it reappeared weeks later! have a great day!

  5. Yes, another year of acorns falling big time around here! They rattle on the roof and pile up on the deck - we have to sweep/blow daily now. This year they seem smaller compared to others - apparently they are cyclical, last year there were hardly any.

    Sorry about your blog list problem, I see several others have the same thing going on. I don't keep a list on my blog - all my friends' posts show up in Dashboard. Blame Google - I do, for everything recently! We had poor Internet connection in Kenya so I'm now struggling to catch up and get my posts up - we saw such amazing wildlife. . . . . . . but not a single squirrel! Guess there are plenty in the back yard here though!

    Happy day dear Kim.

  6. That sounds like a perfect start to October.

  7. It's hard to believe that October is here now. It doesn't seem all that long ago that I was thinking about buying flowers for planting! The squirrels are so cute and of course they need acorns to eat! :) My blog list hasn't reappeared yet. I'm lost without it! I'm going to my dashboard and I'm finding blogs I'd forgotten I use to visit, which is nice but I'm sure missing the list in the sidebar.

  8. I use my list to hop around to blogs, too!
    Acorns. So cool!

  9. I once had a reader's list but it disappeared. Now I have bookmarked my fav. blogs and check them that way. I'm not at all technically savvie so I have to do things the simple way. Just today I asked my DIL to make a blog list for me and she did. I'm thankful for whatever help I get.

  10. Hi Kim, it's nice to meet you! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment about the missing blog roll. I decided I'm going to try and recreate one for now. I'll be adding your blog to that list! Love your vintage green squirrel planter and how you have it filled with acorns. Perfect!

  11. what a shot you captured it so amazingly as it is looking so cute and little eager to eat too.

    loved your show pieces .
    yes October has arrived and we have started to enjoy its beauty with trips and camera .
    have a happy fall dear

  12. That limb with acorns is such a good idea. I love acorns this time of the year. The squirrels here are knocking the acorns to the ground and the limbs are so high that I can reach even one. I am such a dummy when it comes to computers. I know just enough to get by with having a blog. I read blogs from my side bar too. Looks like your list came back.


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