Saturday, October 8, 2016

Lighting Up a Dreary Day

One glance out the front door this morning confirmed what I already suspected.
The weather wasn't very welcoming for the day's planned activities.
Hurricane Matthew is showing up here in NC in the form of lots of rain.  Now at noon it's still dark and dreary.  Definitely not a good day to tour historic homes.  What a shame for all of the homeowners who readied their homes for this highly anticipated event.

It may not be a good day for being outside, but it's a great day for spreading little bits of warm light throughout the dark house.

This little votive holder was a recent thrift shop find.
You may remember the cross stitch leaves I talked about here.
It pairs nicely with the candle and together they bring a fall touch to the little hallway that leads to the powder room.

A few candles in the family room and kitchen.
I've been having the hardest time finding the right shade of blue pillows for my couch.  I've been looking everywhere.  The other day I stopped into Big Lots and decided I had nothing to lose by looking at their pillows.  I was delighted to find just the color I was looking for.  That cinnamon colored pillow was found there too.  It spreads a bit of the fall colors around without being too jarring like some oranges tend to do. 

The crackle glass on this votive holder is so pretty when lit in the evening or a dark rainy day.  A pumpkin spice votive tucked inside helps to spread the autumnal ambience.

The weather man is promising a sunny day tomorrow.
I hope he's right as that will be my last chance to get to the historic homes tour.
For today, I plan to spend a little time in the kitchen transforming all of those past their prime bananas into muffins or bread.
Then I may dig out all of the VHS movies we took when the kids were growing up.  After I blow the dust off of them I'm going to watch them all and look into having them converted to DVDs or whatever they do now.  I have heard that you can box them all up and send them somewhere to be transformed.  Have any of you done this and, if so, would you recommend it?

I'd better get moving now or nothing will be accomplished.
In some ways I think Peanut has the right idea for this gloomy fall day.
What are you up to today?
If you are in the path of Hurricane Matthew, I hope you are safe.


  1. You sound like a gal that knows exactly what to do with a dismal day! I enjoy "hunkering in" in bad weather. Home is a cozy place to be!

  2. It's been raining here all day and now it's foggy too.
    I've baked, read and knitted.
    Your home looks lovely as always.
    We still have our tapes too and haven't done anything with them. We put the old 8mm movies onto the VHS from when I was a kid.

  3. You've decorated your house for the season and it's looking good. Too bad about the rain messing up plans to tour old homes. Hopefully sunshine tomorrow.

  4. So warm and cozy there! I am glad to know that Matthew is just raining and not blowing. It is raining here, too, but I don't think it's Matthew related...must check on that. Oh I hope that the historic homes tour allows some photography. I love doing home tours. It might be why I like Blogdom so well. I have also found "just the thing" at Big Lots and such like stores. Pays not to be a snob. Ha!

  5. Your candles make everything look so cozy and welcoming. You do know how to make the most of a rainy day - love the fall touches. I hope you manage to get to the Historic Homes Tour - it sounds like a wonderful outing.

  6. Your home looks so cozy and you did a good job finding the right pillows for your couch. We just got dumped on with rain last night but this morning the sun came out and it's a beautiful day. We have a place in our town that transfers old VHS's into DVD's it's a great way to preserve those old family films.

    Hope you stay dry and your week is good

  7. Hi Kim - I hope your weather has cleared up now and that you didn't get any damage from the hurricane. The tour of historic homes sounds like a lot of fun. We had our VHS tapes made into DVDs by a local shop.

  8. It's definitely candle weather now. I hope you're safe from the storm and rain soon passes xx

  9. I LOVE the autumn spelled out on the Scrabble tray :) what a great idea!


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