Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Fluttering In

It seems like now would be the time for a what's new in the garden post.  The truth of the matter is it's been like a sauna out there and my interest in gardening has waned until the air cools off or the humidity hits the road.  Ha! Like that will happen anytime soon.
I am noticing that the newest arrivals to my garden are the same as many of your gardens.
Beautiful butterflies have been floating past the windows.
One day I braved the heat and chased one around for awhile.

In other garden news, the rudbeckia are the star of the show.
I spent a little time last evening pulling weeds and filling the hummingbird feeder.  My final task before retreating back into the A/C was to clip a few stems.

A bit of cheer on the kitchen counter.
I liked the way they paired up with this recent thrift shop find.

I nearly passed up this platter as it had definitely seen better days.
On closer inspection, the blues and yellows were calling my name and that bit of orange thrown in was what sealed the deal. 

While I don't make many purchases at the thrift shops anymore, it's still fun to find a little treasure from time to time.
My treasures lately seem to have a theme.
This tiny covered pumpkin dish was too cute to pass up and there's that orange again.

I should have done a before and after on this find.
I found it buried in a pile of pictures sporting a bright gold metal frame with a broken piece of plexiglass covering the needle work.  Dust was also covering it pretty heavily.  I nearly passed it by too until I took a closer look at the pretty colors in the leaves (even a touch of blue :).  Someone had spent a lot of time on this and it seemed a shame to see it in the pile.  Not long after that I was in another shop and found this frame.  I took a chance on it being a match.  With a bit of trimming I was pleased to find it was a perfect fit.  I think the whitewashed wood is much nicer than bright gold and it works well with my décor.

I suppose by now you have figured out the theme here.
I know it is still summer and I really don't want to rush the seasons, but I must admit that about now I'm happy to let a bit of fall  come fluttering in.


  1. Oh those Rudbeckias are brightening up my garden too! I love the pretty plate you found and the cute pumpkin. And the embroidered picture.
    I put a different runner on the table this week and it has browns and oranges in it. Seems I'm rushing the season too.

  2. Oh, autumn. I'll enjoy it when it comes, but I'm not ready to rush the season. The rudbeckia are so very pretty!

  3. Kim-I DO want to rush the seasons!! This summer has been one for the records where I"m at and frankly, enough is enough!
    Love your treasures and butterfly and blooms. Stay cool

  4. Very fun, Kim! I think we are all thinking fond thoughts of fall.

  5. Great finds at the thrift store. I love the platter and the frame is just perfect with the leaves.
    Beautiful flowers in your garden too.
    Our summers here are very nice. I said it before it is like one lone spring, so I'm not quite ready for it to end. : )

  6. Wonderful finds! I love your crisp ironing, too. You Southern gals are really eager for this hot summer to be done. We Northern gals know enough to enjoy it while we can. I hope that I can get a lot accomplished at the barn before cold weather rolls in.

  7. Cute finds Kim! That needlepoint is perfect in that frame.


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