Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Parsley Aplenty

When I first see these guys munching away on the parsley plants, there's always that moment of wondering whether to let them remain where they are or... well, that's just the question. Or, what?
I know if I let them stay they will happily have a feast until my parsley plants are soon nothing but bare stalks.  Most likely they will even invite their friends and family and make a party of it.
Squishing them is out of the question and I think if I carried them to a new home they would soon find their way back. 
What to do, what to do?
What would you do?

As much as I dislike losing much of my parsley crop, I dislike the thoughts of disrupting the life cycle of these guys even more.

Can't even imagine a garden without butterflies.


It seems the best solution is to plant plenty.
Some for them and some for us.
We like parsley, but we have our limits.
So, each summer we are happy to share with any caterpillars that happen by.

Today's caterpillars ~ Tomorrow's butterflies.


  1. I'd happily share my basil! =D

  2. I think you've found the perfect solution... plant enough for them and for your own use. I rarely see any butterfly except the Cabbage White ones.

  3. It's a trade-off, alright! Your solution is great - plant enough for both!

  4. I like your idea!--plant plenty for everyone. Butterflies are wonderful and yes-life would seem empty without their presence.

  5. I like it too...growing enough to share! Enjoy your day! Hugs!

  6. Sounds like you came up with the best solution for all. : )

  7. You're funny! "We have our limits." So true! Those are lovely butterflies. Very worth it.

  8. Oh... so sweet! It is the best solution to this type of situation ever ♥


  9. I like your solution. And I love your photos!

  10. Beautiful caterpillar and colorful butterflies.

  11. Oh how neat! I have a post coming up about the same thing! We went out the other day and our pentas were covered in caterpillars. We think they are Sphynx Moth Caterpillars that make hummingbird moths. :)

    Nature is so awesome!


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