Monday, August 29, 2016

Over the Weekend

Sometimes it's the simple things that make a weekend pleasant.

Things like sitting on the patio with a front row seat to the hummingbird activity.

Which, in turn, prompted a little activity on my part.
Cleaning & filling the feeder to insure future visits from these sweet little garden friends.

I continue to water the flower pots daily.  Sometimes twice a day.
They are looking a bit like I feel... ready for a breath of cooler air.
Going out to water them at times feels like drudgery.

While performing this drudgery on Saturday morning I was delighted to be joined by this butterfly fluttering around me.  It kept landing on the table and the chairs as if to say "go get the camera lady".  So, I did.

I chased it around the patio for awhile trying to get it to pose for me.  Once it did I went inside to consult my butterfly identification book as I'm not familiar with this one.  The book didn't provide the answer I was looking for. 
I know I'm not alone in the butterfly chasing.  I'm seeing a lot of butterfly posts popping up in blogland.  Maybe one of my fellow butterfly chasers can identify this one for me.

It seems as though Brett has now joined the ranks of the butterfly chasers.
He was out de-cobwebbing the house and came in to fetch the camera.  I was pleased to see that he was photographing butterflies and not cobweb makers.
He asked me to check out his first time efforts.  I gave him bonus points for capturing a bee along with his butterfly.

This weekend one of my favorite shops in the area had a "tailgating tasting event."  While I haven't tailgated in years, I am often making meals for my football loving family to eat during the game.  So, it was fun to get some new ideas.  I like the idea of having this chili starter on hand and the football shaped cheeseball made with this Roasted Garlic Onion Jam was very tasty.  Nice that they provided the recipe too.

After the tailgating tasting event we stopped into Kohl's.
While in the store there was a huge thunderstorm.  The rain pounded on the roof as we did our shopping.  Looking out the doors it seemed to have changed from summer to fall.  It was dark and a bit eerie looking.  Once the rain stopped we headed for the car.  As we were pulling out I was amazed to see this tree in all it's fall finery.  I thought maybe the scents of chili cooking and dark, eerie thunderstorms had confused me into thinking fall was already here.  So, I told Brett to stop the car so I could photograph the tree.
It is, in fact, sporting it's fall colors.  Not quite sure why, but I must admit it looked beautiful to me.

All of this got me thinking that no matter what story the thermometer or the trees are telling, the truth is the summer is winding down. 
On Sunday we decided that it was time to get out on the boat and enjoy the water .  It's been so hot this summer that we've only been out once. 
After baking my weekly bread, we packed a small picnic and headed out.  The only photo I took was of this passing sailboat.  They are always such a pretty sight gliding through the water.

Although it was early (even for me),
I did a wee bit of fall decorating before the weekend was over.
The shop that hosts the tailgating event has the most beautiful inspiration for the seasons.  After sampling the food, I wandered through there gathering ideas for fall.  I liked the way that they adorned the tops of their cabinets and hutches with greenery mixed with fall leaves and berries.  One, in particular, caught my eye.  Realizing that I already had the garland of ferns, I learned from one of the sale's associates that they had stuck some fall picks into it.  She led me to the picks, which were on sale that day.
Once home I felt it pertinent that I copy the display before I forgot how they had done it.  As the season progresses, I plan to change out the white platter with pumpkins or turkeys.  The greenery will be a base to highlight the display.
In the meantime, I don't think it's too obvious that I'm rushing the season a bit.

Each season has it's own unique beauty.
Although it's no secret that I'm looking forward to cooler weather, I will miss many things about the summer.  Things like:
Bare Feet
Corn on the Cob
Crunchy Cucumbers
Garden Grown Tomatoes
Butterflies, Hummingbirds, Flowers
Fresh from the Garden Herbs
Iced Tea on the Patio

I hope you all had a good weekend.
As empty nesters moving close to retirement age, we seem to be finding ourselves with more free time on the weekends.  There was a time when we would have been thrilled to have this much free time on our hands.  Now, we are working toward a balance.  Some work, some relaxing and getting out and about at least one of the days. 
What is your idea of an ideal weekend?


  1. Great shot of the butterfly. I'm sure I knew what kind it was at one time, but I've forgotten.

    Sailboats are so pretty. I've only been on one once and it was a lot of work!!

    That fall tree is sure ahead of its time. There are only a few trees here that have barely started to turn.

    Weekdays and weekends are pretty much the same around here. If it wasn't for church on Sunday I wouldn't know one day from another. It is great being retired. : )

  2. Hi Kim! Wow! The dark butterfly is gorgeous!
    I love your fall decorations.
    I think it's a good idea to go exploring even in our own area at least one of the weekend days but we rarely do. I'm going to think about that!
    Yay for boating! That sounds fun!

  3. Oh that's a nice autumnal display...I have one place that is semi-ready for autumn. The butterfly is stunning...the colors are so different from what is usually seen. Hope that you are able to identify. I agree with you about weekends...a time to putter and a time to play strikes a good balance.

  4. The butterfly is so lovely! I wonder if anyone will know what it is named. I love your list of summertime likes. I have had a very nice summer but its been too hot and dry and I am so ready for fall! I like your decorating. I've also just done a wee bit but once the calendar page turns to September I'll do more.

  5. You gave me a good reminder that each season has it's good points. I've always despised summer-or so I thought! Yes, peaches, and tomatoes and corn on the cob--couldn't have those without summer! That said, I'll still be glad when it's gone! I adore autumn and just seeing some decorations are making me want it NOW!

    The tree that has already changed might be "stressed" from heat or lack of water or even bugs. But it sure is a pretty sight.

  6. I love summer and will be sad to leave it behind, but I love fall as well and Im looking forward to decorating. Ill be going full fledge halloween /fall decorating in two weeks! woohoo! this weekend I need to sort and clean up a few rooms around here and start packing up the summer decor! have a great week!

  7. Our ideal weekends are changing too, Kim. My husband is still working full time and he's pretty pooped when the weekend comes. He likes to sleep in his chair a little on Saturday and Sunday. I'm ok with that. ;)

    Your weekend sounds pretty perfect to me. Going out for a little picnic and doing things like that together make me smile.

    I can't believe that tree! It's still summer here and will be for quite awhile. Glad I saw a glimpse of what others have going on.

  8. The simple things are really the big things ♥ Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Nice photos ♥

  9. You were so busy. The tailgating sounded like fun. I'm planning on getting a butterfly bush for next year. And something to attract the bees to polinate my veggies! I loved you added the
    Fall decorating. I was going to invite you over to my blog for the Fabulous Fall Party.
    Come over and link this post and all your Fall Theme posts!
    Let's Party!

  10. Your butterfly photos are beautiful! We would have had fun chasing butterflies together! lol And the tree does look like Fall already. I have to admit I've put a few things out too. And it is very nice to have some time to do things as a couple on the weekend. We love to hike if the weather's nice but if it's not...we take a drive. Usually we end up at a State Park or Preserve but last weekend, my hubby surprised me by taking me to a small town and we walked around 'downtown'. It's just nice to do something different...get out and see things you haven't seen before! Hugs!

  11. We just started the stage of empty nesters. I returned yesterday from the States where I spent 5 weeks with my youngest traveling around and ultimately settling him in at college. Bittersweet parting for sure. That butterfly sure is a pretty color. I've bought that roasted garlic onion jam here ... very tasty. Hard to think about Fall here when it is 93 degrees at 8 am and very very humid. I did enjoy going into Michael's while in the States -- so nice to see all the seasonal displays that they keep out there year round. Best wishes, Tammy

  12. Wow that butterfly is beautiful! You got some great shots. I like how you had hubby stop the car to take a photo of that cute little tree. I do the same. I think your display is lovely, I like the white plates but then again they are my fave. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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