Monday, July 24, 2017

Summer Morning

Two words for you today.
"It's HOT"
Way too hot to hang out in the garden for any length of time.
My garden time now is early in the morning or after the sun sets.
Even then, it's only for watering and light weeding.
While out there this morning there was a slight breeze which made it possible to linger a few extra minutes.
Just long enough for a little video.
If you can stand my first time attempt at iPhone video, I invite you to join me pondside.

There you have it.
Summer sights and sounds in my NC garden.
We'll get up close and personal with those flowers again once the heat subsides... at least to a tolerable level.
For now it's iced tea and A/C for me.
How about you?
Are you managing to keep cool?


  1. It sounds cool! It actually is cool here today...mid 60s. Yesterday AC; today no need. Nice to find you here whether inside or in the garden.

  2. I heard the sound but didn't see a picture.
    We don't get those hot summers here. Today was sunny and in the 70's with a nice breeze. Summers here are more like one long spring.

    1. Oh no! I can't imagine what the problem is as I am able to see it just fine. Sorry about that. That may be a problem for everyone who visits.

  3. I had no problem seeing and hearing the video. I just love the sound of the running water.
    We're having a hot week too. Luckily it cools off at night so like you I make sure to do outside things early in the day.
    Have a good week!!

  4. It's 12:51 pm here and 115 F, so I am definitely trying to stay cool. Unfortunately, during the summer, we never cool off. Even night temps are in the 90s. The video worked fine on this end. Take care, Tammy

  5. I enjoyed hearing the running water and just gazing at the water has a cooling effect. It's been a very hot summer here and we still have August to get through! I try to water the flowers in the early morning or late evening.

  6. Sorry it's been so hot for you there in NC. Here in northern IL, we just got done with way too many storms (we had major flooding in this area), plus heat and lots of nasty humidity. Today it has cooled off into the 70's - and will be the same for tomorrow. Absolutely beautiful...I have the AC turned off and all the windows open. Sending cool breezes your way! Love your gorgeous pond!

  7. Lovely! I know what you mean about hot, hot, hot. Today it cooled off in the late afternoon so we can give the overworked air conditioner a break!


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