Monday, July 31, 2017

Come Along For A Cruise

A most welcome break in the heat yesterday had us eager to get outside and go for a boat ride.
There's plenty of room if you'd like to hop in and join us.

The sun is shining and the water is calm.
No Dramamine necessary today ;).

It's fun to see the different homes on the lake.
Something for everyone.
This one is ideal for those interested in a smaller abode.
Living quarters on top with the boat garage below.
The balcony offers a very expansive lake view.

For some the house is the boat.

For those who prefer to live large.

Or really large.

Oh, and what's this?

Why, it's a home for a bird family.
I'm guessing it's an osprey.

Now might be a good time for a lunch break.
We can do a bit of birdwatching while we eat.

Once in awhile we'll pass a small island.
We were half expecting to see Gilligan here.

We thought that this dock looked like a desirable location for watching the sunset.  We also tried to figure out which country's flag was represented on the right.  Does anybody have the answer?

I thought this white house with the blue roof was rather pretty.

However, this one had to be my favorite of them all.
Despite it's massive size I think it has a warm and cozy feeling to it.

The sun is starting to go down, so we'll be heading home now.
Thanks for joining us on our little cruise.
August is almost upon us.
Time to enjoy those late summer days.


  1. Beautiful pics! Looks as if it was a fun time out on the many beautiful homes. Is the flag Norway 🇳🇴?

  2. I enjoyed the boat ride, I've always loved water but I can't ride on boats these days...due to vertigo issues. The homes along the route were beautiful. The osprey nest was fun to see. Thanks for taking us along!

  3. I've always wished I lived near a lake. I would love to live in a house boat!

  4. Out on the water is a perfect place to be on a hot day. Love all the different homes you showed; your favourite would be mine, too. I think, as Vee said, that's Norway's flag flying. Have a great day!

  5. Oh, how FUN! I do love a good boat ride. Thanks, Kim!

  6. Yes, Norway.
    I enjoyed the boat ride with you.
    Wow some of those houses are HUGE.
    Sounds like a perfect day.

  7. Oh this was just beautiful!! Just what I needed this morning!

  8. Thanks for posting all those lovely pictures. They helped to make me feel a bit cooler on this another hot day!

    The house that you liked the most is also my favourite. It does look warm and cosy.

  9. What a beautiful boat ride! You are so lucky you have a boat. Your lunch looks so yummy, too.


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