Saturday, August 5, 2017

Table Manners

Greetings Friends!

You may not realize this but we cardinals are a well-mannered bunch.

When we see that someone has cared enough about us to offer a bird buffet, we show up nicely groomed.  You know, every hair in place.

Before digging in, we bow our heads in prayers of thanks.

At times we get overly excited and drop our food.

That's okay because our large hummingbird friend is very patient with us.
He just sits quietly and allows us to finish our meal.

Speaking of friends, when we spot a friend waiting in line for the buffet we know the importance of sharing the bounty.

We fly into the nearest tree and allow others to have a turn.

After all, there is plenty for everybody.

Happy Weekend!!


  1. Oh what a delightful post and great pictures of all the birds.
    Love the hummingbird bird feeder. Haven't seen one like that.

  2. That hummingbird feeder is adorable! I've never seen one like it! Enjoy your weekend! Hugs!

  3. Cute, cute, cute! That feeder is very cool, too.

  4. What a cute bird feeder! I love my patio cardinals.

  5. I enjoyed the pictures and the commentary!!

  6. What a cute post - and beautiful bird pictures! I love cardinals.

  7. So fun watching the birds. That hummingbird feeder is delightful. You got some great shots. My ex-husband's Nonnie used to say that when you see a redbird, you should close your eyes and make a wish. :)

  8. Kim, I love that feeder, haven't seen one like it before. The cardinals are numerous here too, more than any other bird on feeders during the summertime. Have only had one hummer so far, hoping more will show up soon now the morning glories are blooming on the front porch.
    Have a great week.
    Mary -

  9. Kim, your post made me smile! I love the feeders you have for your feathered well mannered friends!

  10. I loved this cute post! That is a neat looking bird feeder. I love my feathered friends and enjoy watching them...thanks for the smiles these cute photos brought!

  11. Kim,

    I have lots of cardinals at my feeder and everything you said is just how ours act too! They are a beautiful, gracious bird! Enjoy!


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