Sunday, December 31, 2017

A Sweet and Enjoyable Christmas

My Christmas cookie baking got started a little late this year.
As thoughts of which ones would be required baking despite the late start, I polled the family for their favorite "it won't be Christmas without..." choices.  Peanut Blossoms are always a unanimous favorite.  In my 36 years of marriage they have been as much a part of Christmas as decorating the tree.  It seems it wouldn't be Christmas without them.

When I polled grandson Jaxson for his favorite, he promptly replied "Santa and reindeer cookies".
That took a bit of thought on my part as I haven't made cut out sugar cookies since my boys were little.
Good thing I haven't been able to part with those vintage red cookie cutters.
I must admit once I got started baking them, it was a whole lotta fun decorating them.
Far from Pinterest worthy, they brought back memories of simpler times.

That freshly painted laundry room proved to be the ideal spot for arranging and storing the Christmas day platters.
The only thing in the room is the washer and dryer leaving plenty of space to spread out.

I even used a corner of the counter to hide the goods, although it wasn't long until my hiding spot was discovered.

It gives me great pleasure to carry on the Christmas cookie baking traditions my mom began so many years ago.
Some of her recipes carry on.  Others remain in her handwriting on the recipe cards.  I like to keep the old favorites and also try a few new ones.
New to me this year is the candy shown above on the pedestal dish.
When I saw the recipe for Peanut Chews on the Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog, I was intrigued by the use of honey in the recipe.
It proved to be a very simple recipe that can be made ahead.
It was a big hit with our crew.

On this final day of December, I wanted to document a few thoughts about Christmas 2017.  The only thing is, after the cookies were baked it seems I set the camera down and just lived in the moment.  Oh, there was that split second on Christmas day that I thought I should be taking pictures.  The result wasn't worth the time to me so I just continued to absorb and enjoy the holiday as it enfolded.
I hope that your holiday season has been a memorable one.
As we look forward to a new year, may it bring to you
good health, peace and happiness.


 Stay warm & safe,


  1. All your baked cookies look so very good.
    Sometimes it is better to just enjoy the day and leave the camera behind. : )
    A blessed and happy new year to you and all your family.

  2. What a great place for storing the cookies. I am eating the last of Christmas cookies today. I have a set of those very same red cookie cutters. I am certain this dates us. ☺️ I don’t take nearly as many photos as I once did. This is a good thing because my family got tired of the camera long ago. Happy 2018 to you and yours!

  3. I love the look on Jaxson's face in that last picture. Everything thrills their little hearts at that age!! It does get harder when they are older and I may have to resort to gift cards next year although I really don't want to.
    Your cookies look delicious and now I'm off to check out that recipe for Peanut Chews!! Happy New Year!!!

  4. It's fun to bake a variety of cookies and everyone enjoys them. Our neighbor brought us some treats tonight which was a nice surprise. I'm glad you've had a nice holiday! Happy New year my friend! Stay warm during this winter cold spell! Hugs, Diane

  5. Hi Kim! Happy New Year!
    Your cookies look so good. Maybe I'll make some for the grands that are coming at dinner time. I like choosing the cutters.
    I'm glad you are my bloggy friend.

  6. Kim, we have a Christmas baking day tradition at our house as well. We almost cancelled it this year, but those that could came and we filled tins for the entire family. On Christmas Eve they all took them home and were delighted! Good reminder that traditions mean something. :) Sugar cookies are one of my favorites. I have some of those red cutters too. Happy New Year!


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