Sunday, December 10, 2017

There's This and Then There's That...

Before December is a mere memory, I resolved to blow the dust off the blog and join the holiday merriment that is such a fun time in blogland.
The problem is, things are a wee bit different this year.
First of all, there's this:
With the downsizing frame of mind I am in, there's nothing new to see in the decorating department.  In fact many of my vintage treasures are finding new homes through Ebay or thrift shop donations. Shocking, isn't it?  When I began my blog in 2009 the thrifty treasures were a big part of what I was all about.

We are in the process of having some rooms repainted.
Most recently it was the laundry room.
In preparation for the painting, I removed everything but the appliances from the room.  The painting was finished days ago, yet I have no desire to return anything to the room.
It's been so nice to be able to work in there without  working around stuff on the counters, the top of the dryer, the floor, etc.
Yesterday I edited the vintage laundry room collection.
It doesn't seem like it was that long ago that I was blogging about those collections.  Now, I'm nearly embracing the minimalist lifestyle.  Ha!  
All this to say, will anybody who's been reading my blog all these years be interested in this pared down home?
So... there's that.

Most concerning of all, there's this:

It was necessary for us to get a new laptop.
All data from the old computer was transferred to the new.
Although, it took me awhile to find where they hid the photos I use for blogging.
Since day one, I stored them by month and year in Picassa.
When I began my blog and had no clue what I was doing, my son set up the Picassa account and that was the only way I knew to get photos from the camera to the blog.  It worked great for all these years.
Picassa is nowhere to be found on the new computer.
The photos are there, but I have to click the month and year to see what's in there.  With Picassa the photos were all there at a glance.
It seems that Google has done away with Picassa.  They said some of my photos can be found elsewhere.  I went there and found some, but they were in no kind of organized order.  Grrrr.....
So, it seems I will need to figure out how to do the picture thing again.

Despite all of the this and that's excuses,
the joy of the season is still happening all around us.
It's been kind of a fun challenge to pare down and re-think the old.
Not sure how fun the challenge of organizing blogging photos will be, however.  If you'd care to share your method for blog photo organization, I'd love to hear.  After you take your photos, what's the next step?  I'm sure my Picassa method is outdated by now, but it worked for me.  Often I find the new methods really are more efficient, it's just a matter of knowing how to do them.

On that note, I wish you a lovely day today.


  1. Seems like lots of us are downsizing.
    I just add photos to my blog right from my computer. A lot of the pictures I then just delete off my computer and just keep and organize the ones I want to keep.

    Yes, I will as I'm sure everyone else will, enjoy whatever to post about on your blog. It's not your house we come over to visit but YOU. 😊
    A happy day to you my friend.

  2. When my computer crashed I had to pay to have my photos retrieved and they are jumbles together. It's big mess. I can sympathize with your problem.
    I wasn't following your blog when you posted about your childrens' antiques so I went to have a look. They are sweet but I can see that the more minimalist look also has an appeal. I wonder when I'll get there

  3. I always posted photos from my computer, then blogger saved them to Picasa for me. I know that everything has changed. It’s one of my excuses for not returning to blogging.

    I like what Karen said...we don’t visit to see new decor, though I really like what you have done with your Christmas decor. Life changes. It’s okay.

  4. Hi Kim! Well, you could store your photos in a file on your desktop. Things should get easier not harder, right?
    Paring down is freeing, isn't it? I wish I was better at it, but I usually get in the mood for clean slates in January.
    God be with you this December! I pray you have great joy and good peace.

  5. I hear ya on the minimalism...when our living room and kitchen had some minor remodeling done at the beginning of the year, plus painting both rooms, it took me a long time to put the rooms back together, because I actually liked the clean, uncluttered look! I still have one wall in my kitchen that is still bare because I'm waiting for "just the right thing/s" to put on them.

    As for photos on your laptop, I take photos with my phone. I have the OneDrive app on my phone and on my laptop. It's cloud storage, so the photos I take with my phone go straight to my laptop - no uploading required. You could also use Google photos or Amazon photos (if you're a Prime member). Hope this helps!

  6. I upload (or is it download) my photos from my camera or iPhone to my computer which go into My Pictures. If I want to tweak them I can either open up Pic Monkey which will send the edited photo back to the same place or open Picasa which will export them to a Picasa folder.

    I want to pare down, too, but haven't made much of a start yet. It's so hard for me to get rid of stuff, although my daughter has take a few things to her house. I have been a little puny lately, so my Christmas is a little pared down this year. I have just enough out that it feels and looks Christmasy. Your fireplace is beautiful!

  7. My photos are stored by year and month on my computer, but I view them with the downloaded version of Picasa. I never thought about what I'll do when I need to replace this computer. Grrr. Why do the techies keep changing things?
    Pared down decor is still pretty, but that's not why we visit. It's great to see what you're up to. The laundry room sounds like a peaceful place these days!


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