Thursday, February 15, 2018

Searching for Signs of Spring in the Garden

When the temperature rises to 75 degrees on a February day, there is only one place I want to be and that is in the garden.
These early gardening sessions are a good time to clean up limbs that have fallen, get a jump on the weeds while the ground is nice and moist and cut the old growth from the perennials.  It is also a wonderful opportunity to peek around for signs of spring.  Something many of us are craving right about now.
From inside the house I had noticed that some of the spring bulbs had started poking out of the ground.  It wasn't until I got out there that I see the hyacinths are forming their flower.  Oh joy!  I can hardly wait to take a whiff of that heavenly scent.

The hydrangeas had a surprise for me in the form of little green buds up and down their dormant looking branches.

What's this strange looking thing, you might ask.
Any guesses?
It is the big fat bud of a Lenten Rose.  This is something that would never be seen from indoors so I'm glad I went looking for it.  Many years I miss the blooming time entirely.  In this instance I was perched on a rock next to the pond (trying not to fall in) while holding the flower bud up with one hand and pressing the camera button with the other.  Amazing it came out at all.  Ha!
Now to remember to keep checking on it until the flower unfurls.

The anticipation builds upon spotting the daffodils almost ready to reveal their beauty once again.  It won't be long now.

Just when I thought it was a tad early for flowers, I spot these two peeking out from under an azalea bush.  Two tiny phlox.  I pause for a moment to appreciate their unique beauty.  Each little petal formed so perfectly with the lavender portion looking as though it had just been painted with a wee little brush.

"If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere."
- Vincent VanGogh


  1. Oh how nice to see all those signs of spring. It gives me hope that it will come here too one of these days. : )

  2. Does it not strike you as odd that our friends in the Pacific Northwest have been enjoying Lenten roses for a couple of weeks? What’s up with that? (I have lots of snow here and some daffodils up in the front garden. They rarely make it, though, because the weather turns crazy and kills them.)

    Enjoy cleaning up the garden!

  3. How lovely your early buds and blooms look! Our surprise snowfall has hidden any bulbs that were showing growth but once the snow is gone it won't be too long ( I hope). I'm sure glad you didn't slip and fall in the pond while capturing that photo!!!

  4. Heading out this morning to do some pruning on the Japanese Maple and fig - and with so many daffodils popping out I will cut a bunch for the house before late day rain arrives. Then must fertilize the tulips poking up through the large pots and do a little general clean up. Of course with a high of only 43F tomorrow - crazy NC weather! - who knows what is going on!

    Like you Kim, I love to get outside ad enjoy a day in the pre-Spring garden - and it will be a very warm one today!
    Happy weekend - Mary

  5. I love the scent of hyacinths and it's exciting to see the little bits of spring popping up at your home. It's a little early here but soon we should see things coming to life again. I so enjoy those warmer days we've had here and there so I can open a few windows and let fresh air in. Have a nice weekend! xx Cheryl

  6. Our hyacinths are poking up and the catkins on the hazels are ripening. Your little phlox are exquisite.

  7. You are so lucky you have signs of spring already. It will be quite awhile here in northern IL. It's still cold and we have a layer of snow on the ground.

  8. Wonderful signs of spring. Those hyacinths are going to be gorgeous.


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