Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Moseying Into The New Year

** Happy New Year **

Raise your hand if your Christmas tree and decor are all put away.
I'm imagining a lot of hands going up.
Here, however, the tree is still up along with all of the decor.
This morning brought rain and gloom.  I plugged the tree in and continue to enjoy the cozy light it gives the room.  This weekend will be when everything is returned to "normal" around here and that is okay with me.  Some years I would be feeling very behind to have Christmas still lingering.  This year an opportunity to hop on a plane to go share New Year's Eve with the one and only grandson arose.  Hard to pass up an offer like that.  So, we left the house as is and took off for a week.  This was his first time staying up until midnight to wear a silly hat and glasses and blow a horn to usher in the new year.  At first he looked as though he thought we'd all gone a bit mad :).  I'm thinking that now that he knows what it's all about he'll be looking forward to this opportunity to stay up past his bedtime and make all the noise he wants without being reprimanded.


  1. It seems like a long time that I thought it was FUN to stay up late! heehee! Love the photo....and yes, everything is put away here! Happy new year!

  2. It's dark and dreary here too, and raining. My tree is still bringing me joy so I'm in no hurry to dismantle it.

  3. Sounds as if the “return to normal” is right on schedule says the one sitting in front of her lit tree. My sister shocked me when she said that her tree was still up and she is not concerned though her neighbor has wondered. I say let them all think we’re crazy. Loved the description of your grandson on New Year’s Eve. 😁🎉 What a fun opportunity to take off for a week!

  4. Now that picture made me smile!! :)

  5. Fun! It's fun also to leave the decorations up for a while.

  6. The lights of Christmas would be very cozy on dark winter days and nights. How much fun to spend New Year's Eve with your grandson! He looks like he took to the celebrating very well!

  7. Haha, that's so cute and he's a cutie! The traditional ornament tree and Christmas are put away but we don't like a dark winter around here, so I still have the cardinal winter tree and blue snowman tree that will be put away closer to spring arriving. Also, all the snowmen are out and about... my favorite way to transition into winter. We're getting the dark, dreary, rain, sleet and snow now and tomorrow... good time to stay in and do some crafting! Have a wonderful weekend~


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