Thursday, May 13, 2021

Thrift Shop Treasures & A Bit of Decorating

This beautiful mosaic vase caught my eye while out thrifting last week.  As I stood there trying to decide whether I might "need" it, I saw the original price sticker from Pier 1... $49.99.  It was at that moment that I grabbed a shopping cart.  Surely there was somewhere I could use it.  Incidentally, the lantern next to it in the photo came from the same thrift store several years ago.

I guess it was a good thing I grabbed the cart because soon these wooden candle sticks were added.  I know these can be pricey.  To find a set of three was definitely a good find in my humble opinion.
Once home, I went from room to room assessing where I might best use these newfound treasures.

I liked the way the colors worked with the comforter and picture in the guest room.  So, I shopped the house for a few more things and gave the dresser a little refresh.  

While shopping the house I also rounded up a few items for this new shelf.  It didn't come from the thrift shop (I wish), but it fills a wall that I've been trying to fill ever since I moved here.  The wall is between the kitchen and a little hallway leading to the powder room.  I've been looking for something other than another picture.  When I saw this shelf, I thought it might be just the thing.  I added a battery operated candle to give it a bit of ambience for those headed to the powder room in the evening hours ;).  I think it will be fun to change up for the seasons and holidays too.

Destination:  Powder Room
I guess this explains why I wanted something other than a picture on this wall.

These little projects have come at a good time.  It's been unusually cold here for this time of year.  In fact, the furnace is still running.  Usually by now we've had the A/C on for a month or so.  Yesterday it never made it out of the low 50s and rained all day.  A good day to stay in my slipper socks and sweater.  

Also a good day to finish my puzzle.

What have you been up to lately?


  1. Those little decorating touches add so much to a home. You have a knack for it.
    Like your puzzle!! Doing all the same things around here - walking, knitting, reading, cleaning, baking, just enjoying life. :)

  2. Very nice finds. Good things come to those who wait. I didn't realize the cool snap went so far south. I am enjoying it because the flowering season is lasting a good long time.

  3. I like all your 'new' items and how you arranged them. The picture with the blue bird amid blossoms is especially lovely ( although I don't think that was one of your recent finds). The round shelf for knick knacks is perfect for changing with the seasons and looks good in that spot.

  4. I love that beautiful vase and the picture of the bird on the dogwood blooms is a nice focal piece. Everything you've done works well with that. I haven't been to the thrift stores....YET! But I may go this next week. I'm 'itching' to go now! lol We've been hiking on all the nice days. Hugs!

  5. Hi Kim, what beautiful treasures you found while thrifting! That vase is beautiful and I adore that trio of candlesticks. You got really lucky with those. They are definitely pricey in the regular stores. I am also loving your circular shelf. It's perfect where you have it.

  6. Your decorating touches are very attractive! It's fun to look for things and then arrange them to your taste. You found some great thrift store items.

  7. Kim, I love the thrift finds! They look great!

  8. Hard to believe you found those pieces at a thrift shop. You have them arranged so pretty. Makes me want to get out and visit the shops again. Need to call my daughters and plan a day in Wake Forest.

  9. Seems you hit the jackpot at your thrift store & you did a terrific job arranging. I also L❤️VE the round shelf unit. Me, being an avid bird watcher/photographer, I adore that puzzle...did you order it online?

    1. Thank you. The puzzle was a gift from my son. He did mention that he found it at Walmart. The brand name is Master Pieces.

  10. I love all your finds and you puzzle looks great!


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