Friday, April 30, 2021

Closet Updates

Despite the birdy distractions, my closet cleaning project did get finished.  I find when tackling this job it works best if I am in the mood to go through everything from shoes to clothing to jewelry.  It's also important to have a good chunk of time to devote to it.
This time I was very honest with myself and anything that isn't being worn for whatever reason has now found a new home.  A few bags were donated to the thrift shop and three more bags were taken to a local shop that uses their profits to build a safe home for mothers and their children who are escaping domestic abuse.  The lady who works there told me that domestic violence has risen 75% during the pandemic.  I feel fortunate to have never lived in that situation.  It would make me feel hopeful if my donations could contribute to their overall goal.

Because I enjoy seeing what other women my age wear, I somewhat reluctantly, share a few outfits that made the cut.  I have had this white denim jacket for years and years.  Mostly it has been in the closet gathering dust.  After watching some YouTube videos on fashion over 50, I was inspired to try tucking in my shirt and wearing a belt.  The few belts I owned left a lot to be desired so I did buy a new one.  Apparently this belt is capable of stretching 2".  Hmm... not sure if that is a good thing or not :).
Anyhow, with this tucked in look I think my old jacket is a good length so it remains in the closet.

This is a new outfit also inspired from my 50+ video watching.
This reminds me of getting new spring play clothes when I was a kid.  Super comfy and fun.
Had I not been watching these videos I never in a million years would have bought these jeans.  I am guilty of wearing the same style of jeans for years.  The last time I changed was probably 5-6 years ago when the sales lady at Old Navy steered me toward skinny jeans.  They have served me well except when it starts to get warmer outside I find them a bit constricting.  The jeans above are the straight leg style.  Much looser and airier than my skinny jeans.
I had also been on the hunt for leather sneakers that were comfortable.  I had been holding onto a very uncomfortable pair of Keds for years.  This year I refuse to hobble around in discomfort.  It took awhile, but I finally found what I was looking for on sale at Kohl's.  They had one pair left and it was in my size so I guess it was meant to be.

Another mix of old and new.
The jean jacket is so old I don't even remember buying it.
It seems you can't go wrong with having a classic jean jacket.
I was all set to order a new one online when I compared mine to the classic Levi's model.  They were the exact same except mine was lacking a Levi's tag on the pocket.  So instead I laundered mine and moved it from the far reaches of my coat closet to front and center in my bedroom closet.  Sometimes it pays to look at old things with new eyes.  I suppose that is what I'm trying to do with my old body. :D.
Finally, the white jeans with the button fly.
Another style I would have never thought to wear at my age and with my less than flat abs.  After being assured that you can, in fact, still wear them under those circumstances I decided to try them out.
They are super comfy and I like the white paired with the blue denim jacket.  
I didn't bother with shoes in this photo, but I did wear this with my new white sneakers.  It is also recommended to pair white pants with nude colored sandals.  I'm still on the hunt for comfy nude sandals.

Overall my closet is still rather bare.  
Another thing I have learned is that when you purchase a new wardrobe addition, make sure you can wear it with at least three things already in your wardrobe.  I think I was guilty of buying outfits that I liked which was rather limiting.  Now I am striving for things that mix and match and also things that fit my current lifestyle.  Basically casual and comfortable.

Well, that's it from my closet.
Anything new to report from yours?

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend wherever you are.


  1. Enjoyed the fashion show - you look great.
    Love the white denim jacket!!

  2. I agree. You look great. As for me I am the most unfashion-conscious old lady around. I'm happy to look clean, decent, and not too too old fashion. You look more like the age of my 2 daughters, one who cares nothing for fashion and the other who is very up-to-date ( maybe the fact that she works in an office has something to do with it). Isn't it a great feeling to have sorted out your things and gotten rid of what no longer was being worn. You even found a good cause to donate it to.

  3. Looking good, Kim! Glad you found those great wardrobe items. My sister has been dieting so I have a few of her hand-me-ups. My friend Abby keeps me pretty well stocked. Works for me...I dislike shopping for clothes.

  4. You are so cute! Where did you find all your jeans? I'm always on the lookout for jeans that actually fit well and are comfortable. I'm average size, but I do have a big post-menopausal belly, lol. I love jean jackets. I have two that are older too, and I still wear them.

  5. :) Thanks, Melanie. The jeans in pic 1 - Old Navy, 2 - Crown & Ivy brand from local Belk's dept. store and the white jeans I ordered from J Crew. First time ordering from them and I am pleased.

  6. I did the same in my wardrobe. And always try to find the good clothes associations for my age. Not very simple!
    But jeans are always a good fashion item.


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