Friday, April 16, 2021

Friday Flower Fun

Friday is here and it's shaping up to be a lovely weekend here in NC.
I'm heading out the door shortly for a chiropractor appt. and then to an early birthday lunch.  I imagine a visit to the local thrift shops will figure into the plan too.  The rest of the weekend is open for time in the garden.  Speaking of garden, the tulips above have just finished blooming.  They were absolutely gorgeous, especially the one in the center.  I hated to see them go.

But, while they were here I made the most of them.
Sometimes I am lazy about cutting bouquets or think I need a greater quantity of flowers to make it worthwhile.  I am learning that even a small bouquet in the right location is all that is needed to bring instant cheer.  I am enjoying this beehive vase that I recently purchased at Hobby Lobby.  It is just the right size for my petite bouquets.  I start the day right here filling up my coffee cup.  
Fresh coffee + fresh flowers = a great start to the day.


Though the spring bulbs are done for the year, the azaleas are dotting the landscape in a most beautiful way.  It's worth a "Sunday drive" just to see them blooming right along with the dogwoods.  
Here, in my garden, there are two different colors in bloom.  Hopefully there will soon be two more.
This color is pairing nicely with a thrift shop mug and spoon.

I hope you are looking forward to something fun this weekend.
Here's a little azalea bouquet to get you started.



  1. Lovely bouquets all. I do like a vase with a narrow opening that helps my flowers stand up straight. Happy Birthday๐ŸŒท

  2. I'm loving your cup with the bluebird on it. Just the right size, I have to look for me one.

  3. Happy Birthday. Your little bouquets are so pretty and sometimes small is better. You have such pretty nails!!

  4. Happy Birthday!! A little bouquet of fresh flowers and a cup of strong black coffee definitely makes a great start to any day.

  5. I know I had a comment on all the pretty things....but then I saw your nails! WOW! How gorgeous! I am SO tempted to start painting mine again. Hugs!

  6. Now I remember...Happy Birthday sweet lady! Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Lovely flowers, and I love that bird mug! Happy belated birthday to you. Did you do anything special? I hope you have a good weekend THIS weekend, as well.

    1. Thanks, Melanie. My oldest son came over and we ordered in from a local restaurant. Received lots of calls which was wonderful.


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