Friday, April 23, 2021

Easily Distracted

Cleaning my closet was near the top of my to do list today.
I was taking the empty everything onto the bed and then go through them one by one approach.
Shortly after piling the last load onto the bed, I caught a flash of yellow out the bedroom window.
It seemed an American Goldfinch was coming to check out the water feature.

When I spotted another coming in for a landing, I was off to locate my phone to see if I could sneak a few photos.

After a few sips, they each enjoyed a nice long bath.
They provided a lovely bright spot on our cloudy afternoon.
As enjoyable as it was to watch them, I needed to get back to the task at hand or it would never get done.  So back to the closet project for me.

I just got started when a speck of bright blue caught my eye.
Since I had never seen the Eastern Bluebirds come to the fountain, I had to grab the camera quick.  I was happy to capture the male looking my way.  Most likely he was looking at his mate perched on the windowsill.

Here the happy couple are gazing into one another's eyes.  
Wonder what they're thinking?

I was tempted to ask them why they didn't set up housekeeping in the bluebird box we placed out for them.  We even added their favorite dried mealworms to entice them.  
Instead a sweet little Black Capped Chickadee family has moved in.
It's been fun to peek into the nest to check up on their progress.
I better hold off on checking on them today.
At least until that mountain on my bed has been dealt with.
At the rate I'm going I may need to close the blinds to keep focused.

Any bird activity happening around you?



  1. You got some terrific shots of the birds. They would have distracted me too. :)
    Did you ever get your closet cleaned out?
    We discouraged a bird from building a nest over the drain pipe, but we have a Robins nest out front under the deck.

    1. Yes, I did finish getting the closet cleaned. The birds kept me company the entire time :).

  2. Wow, they are precious. We love the birds in our yard. Great photos of them.

  3. The Goldfinches are so yellow and pretty! Ours have all left but we have lots of bluebirds and some house Finches in the feeder right now! Enjoy your weekend. I need to clean out my closet....thanks for the reminder! grumble grumble! lol

  4. You got some great shots of the Goldfinches and the Bluebird. Both are high on my list of favourite birds to spot. We'd have to drive a few hours east to see Bluebirds but Goldfinches should be coming back soon, in fact I just filled the thistle seed feeder this week. I like your unusual water feature! It obviously appeals to birds.

  5. I would be distracted by those beautiful birds, too! I have only seen a goldfinch around my yard once - last summer. And we don't have bluebirds here (IL).

  6. Love the birds pictures. Got plenty of birds nests.
    I also did my hall closet!

  7. Love the birds pictures. Got plenty of birds nests.
    I also did my hall closet!


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