Monday, October 11, 2021

Fall Things

These days not a lot changes from year to year with my seasonal decorating.  I did, however, add a touch of fall to the large island that is visible from most rooms in the house.  Just enough to announce fall's arrival while still leaving plenty of room for all of the other activities that happen around that island.

One of those activities has been putting together this fall themed puzzle.  

Normally at this time of year I look forward to visiting a local pumpkin farm to select a few things to decorate the porch with.
This year I could have cared less one way or the other.  I wanted to care, but just couldn't seem to muster up any enthusiasm.  Part of an increasing slump I find myself in lately, I suppose.
One day Brett deposited me :) at the pumpkin patch while he went off on a few errands.  By the time he came back to get me I had a cart full of pumpkins, gourds and a hay stack waiting to be loaded into the car for future porch decorating.  Seems he knew better than I what was needed to get me out of that slump.  The next morning found me on the porch cleaning windows and porch furniture, sweeping the porch, tossing spent plants followed by arranging those pumpkin farm finds into a pleasing display.

I had about decided there wouldn't be a wreath on the door after looking at the offerings at Tuesday Morning.  Although they had several to choose from, I didn't care for any of them and thought the prices were a bit steep for how "blah" they looked.  
I was very surprised when a neighbor friend rang my doorbell last week with a beautiful fall wreath she had made for me.  I haven't seen her in many months so she wasn't responding to my "slump" yet her timing was interesting.  
After telling her about my visit to Tuesday Morning I offered to pay her.  She prefers to use the barter system so I will be baking her an apple pie in exchange for an apple wreath.  I think I am getting the better end of that deal, but that is what she wanted.

A pottery bowl found at GW last summer.
When I mixed it with a few wood pieces and a wee touch of pewter, I am liking the touch of fall it adds next to the stove.


The very best thing this fall is a precious little addition to my extended family.  My niece's first baby born September 24th.
Unfortunately she lives on the other side of the country in California.  While I would love some cuddle time with her, I so enjoy receiving new photos from the new grandparents.

~ Wishing you a fall filled with happy things and a very Happy Thanksgiving wish to my Canadian readers ~




  1. Kim, I'm glad you got out and went to the Pumpkin Patch. I think we are all so used to staying home now that COVID has taken over our lives for so long and continues to do so. I love that wreath! Your neighbor is talented and I bet the apple pie was wonderful!


  2. This is a copy and paste. 🤞🏼If I lose another comment, I will nemed dropping off at a pumpkin patch.

    That's so fun that your hubby knew just what it would take. Good job, Brent! You're going to have fun decorating, Kim.

    Your little great niece is adorable. A new baby is always a blessing.

  3. nemed? what's that? autocorrect at its worst.

  4. Glad you got out of your slump. NICE puzzle. Lovely wreath that your neighbor made for you and I'm sure she will love your pie. Your great niece is adorable.

  5. Comments are going a bit crazy today! Trying again. Felt like you and had to force myself, and Bob, to head to our usual pumpkin farm in Angier yesterday before they were all gone!
    Beautiful wreath, and love the simple but elegant decor on the island.
    Sweet little darling - hope you meet in person some day.
    Hugs - Mary

  6. The new baby is just precious and I'm so happy for this family! Love the beautiful wreath too. I need something more showy on my front door too. Happy Fall!

  7. The Apple wreath is gorgeous!!
    I like the pottery bowl and wood vignette.
    I'm glad you came out of your slump. Sometimes it takes a while and it's no fun at all.

  8. I think many of us are feeling slump-ish these days. How well Brent knew what it would take to perk you up a little. I love the colour of those pumpkins on your island. How kind of your neighbour to bring you the wreath! Enjoy these autumn days.

  9. I am so glad that a trip to the pumpkin patch got you out of your slump. Everything looks fantastic. Apple pie for a wreath, so wonderful to have such lovely neighbours.


  10. Maybe reading your post has inspired me to put out a little fall decorations. Like you were feeling, I just can't get motivated. Wish there was a pumpkin patch near by. :) I Love the bright colored wreath. It's beautiful! What a sweet baby. Thank you for the inspiring post.

  11. I have been in a bit of a slump myself. I did get out to the pumpkin patch and bought a few pumpkins and a mum for the porch though. And my fall decor is minimal, but I did get some of it done.

    The wreath your neighbor-friend made for you is gorgeous! I hope it brings you cheer.

    How wonderful to have a new baby in your family. No babies in our family right now. The youngest is my cousin's 6-year old daughter, but they live all the way in Tacoma. (I'm in IL.)


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