Monday, November 1, 2021

Tiny Words of Thanks

Have you ever gotten excited over a new floor mop?
It would seem as though this is an issue I have been pondering for years.
My most recent issue has been to find a mop for the laminate floors in the laundry room/office.  Apparently the thing you don't want to use on this type of flooring is a mop that leaves too much water behind.  I've tried a few choices since moving here and none have been too great. Either they did leave the floor too wet and/or were hard on the old back.
The other day I moved it up on my priority list and got serious about finding thee one.
Sometimes I avoid doing this as it can be time consuming and a bit overwhelming.  Easier to just plug along with the less than ideal situation.  Anyhow, after checking out the options, I decided on Bob Vila's top choice.  I figured he ought to know what he's talking about and it did receive rave reviews.

While this post is really not a mop review, I must say I LOVE everything about this system.  Perhaps most of all I like the simplicity of the instructions and the simplicity of operation.
You know a product is a success when you look forward to washing your floors.

You may be wondering what this post is about if not to promote a microfiber mop.  
I guess it is more about those small unexpected words of thanks.

When I selected the mop I had no idea I was supporting a small family business.  
The handwritten thank you note included in the box let me know.
Some might think it was just in there to garner favorable reviews.
I'm not one of those people.  In this case I will be happy to leave a highly favorable review.  After all those reviews helped me make an informed decision before purchasing.
As I've begun my Christmas shopping I am making a concentrated effort to support small businesses.  
My husband has been a small business owner for over 30 years and we surely appreciate our loyal customers.
He is in the business of selling and servicing a very specialized type of machinery.  Most of his customers are machine or tool & die shops.  Kind of a man's world to my way of thinking. I guess if I had my own small business it would be selling something different than machines.  Maybe home decor, flowers or books ;).  Anyhow, machinery is our business life as I have worked alongside him in one capacity or another all of those years.

When this tiny note fell out of the envelope with a customer's payment, Brett read it out loud and then dropped it in the trash.  I promptly removed it from the trash and tucked it into my desk drawer.  Something about a man in his machine shop taking the time to pencil out this note makes me smile.  That was many months ago and I still find it smile worthy every time I open the desk drawer.

Have you received any unexpected notes of thanks recently?

Let me take a moment to say a big
Thank You
to all who stop by and visit here.


  1. I can't remember the last time someone thanked me in actual words. I suppose we know people are thankful for whatever we did that helped them but few actually come out and say Thank You.
    How nice that you've found a mop that you like for your laminate floors. I use a mixture of mops for our wood floors and also the areas with laminate. So far they've all been okay.

  2. I would have kept the thank you note too. In fact I have a basket filled with thank you notes that people have given me. They always make me smile and sometimes cry. :)
    I'm one of those people who still get down on my hands and knees and clean the floor with a bucket and rag.

  3. That mop is handy dandy! I love finding a family business that has personal touches like that. It makes me think of the movie Joy that we like. And it is very nice to get a thank you note. We have a neighbor that we share meals with sometimes and she always gives us a thank you note. It really makes you happy to do something for someone that appreciates it! Enjoy your week!

  4. So glad you found a mop you like. I try to shop at small businesses. It's lovely to get a thank you note of appreciation.
    This isn't a business, but last night the cutest little girl came trick or treating. I put candy in her bag, then she said, "I have something for you," and she pulled a little slip of paper from another bag she was carrying. It was a nicely drawn and coloured picture of candy corn. We chatted about it for a moment, then off she went. Her parents are teaching her well.
    Have a great week!

  5. Little notes like that are just so lovely - it would certainly go in my 'keepers' box.

  6. What a nice, uplifting post... BTW I am looking that site up in search of better floor cleaning equipment. Thanks for the tip.

  7. This is a good reminder to say "thank you." Your retrieved note is a treasure. It is good that you recognized its value. There are two sides to those thank yous. You are so welcome. It is a joy to visit you.

    Glad that you found a good mop. They are not easy to find. I haven't found one yet.

  8. Your new mop looks very much like the one I have for my engineered wood floors. I don't remember the brand name and I'm too lazy to go look, lol - but I love it. It has a small container on the pole that you fill with your choice of cleaner. I use a mixture of water and vinegar. You just squeeze the handle and the mixture sprays out at the bottom of the mop. The microfiber covering is secured with velcro and it's washable.

    I absolutely agree about supporting small businesses whenever possible. Today I had lunch with my mom. We went to a local diner and were the only customers in there. And they have excellent food! We were wondering how they stay afloat. Or how the server was making any money. We were talking with the owner before we left. She seemed very sad about how slow business was and that they were in danger of closing. We left the server a 30% tip, but with us being the only diners there, she still wasn't making much money. I don't know why people would choose fast food over a mom and pop place, especially when our lunch only cost $10 each and was homemade food.

    Anyway, I'm glad you chose to save that note that someone sent your husband. It should make both of you proud every time you look at it. :-)


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