Thursday, November 11, 2021

Apples and Amaryllis in Autumn

Always a delight when the colors of autumn arrive in our backyard wetlands.
One afternoon this week I glanced out the window and noticed golden leaves softly falling as the sunlight filtered through.  I just stood there and watched for awhile.  It was so pretty and peaceful.  A bit like being in an autumn snow globe where the snowflakes had been replaced with beautiful leaves.
Our week has been such a nice one with temperatures warm enough to allow for open windows during the day.

It was also ideal weather for being in the garden.
Deep purple pansies and a tulip mix called "Spring Delight" gives me hope for a beautiful courtyard display next spring.

A pot of violas to cheer up the back patio.
Love those sweet little faces.

Now that we are into November and our mild days are numbered, my thoughts turn to indoor gardening.
The Meyer Lemon, Christmas Cactus and Norfolk Pine have all been re-located to the inside of the house.
I couldn't pass up the amaryllis display at the local garden center.
This one came home with me.

It had a plump bud on it when I removed it from the box.
Almost looks like it was waiting to fly out of there.
It will most likely bloom long before Christmas.

This weather has put me in the mood to bake.

So, when the neighbor ladies scheduled a girl's night, I volunteered to bring a dessert.  I wanted something that tasted and smelled like fall.  I found a recipe on line for apple squares.  The recipe made an 8 x 8 square.  I wondered if that would be big enough.  I know ladies can be dainty eaters when it comes to dessert, but I also wanted to have enough for everybody.  I considered just doubling the recipe.
Having never made it I would have been disappointed if this didn't work out.  Overthink much?  Welcome to my world :).


Around this time I happened to be visiting a blog.  Someone who I know is an excellent cook and baker.  While there I poked around in her recipes and came upon this.  The ingredients were almost identical to the original apple square recipe, although there were a lot more apples (yay) and best of all . . . 9x13 pan.  Perfect.  Plenty for the girls and extras to take home to the husbands.  Win Win!

Thank you to Lorrie for coming to the rescue.  Even though she doesn't know she did.  Just one of the many ways we connect in wonderful blog land.
I can tell you that the recipe was a huge hit!
I've already had one request for the recipe.

This afternoon the clouds have moved in and rain is on the way.
I've been turning my amaryllis regularly to encourage a straight stem.
It appears to be working.  
I think it has doubled it's height in a week.
I'm kind of glad I don't have to wait until Christmas to see that bud turn into a blossom.
I'm thinking I may need to visit the garden center again for another one or maybe two.  This is the easiest gardening ever and the reward is amazing.



  1. That sounds like a plan! I am feeling sad about saying goodbye to my hanging basket of Mother's Day flowers that perhaps an amaryllis would help. I love that you can overwinter pansies and violas in your climate. The baking looks wonderful, too.

  2. I love this time of year, though we've had a few frosts and all the plants have died.
    Oh my that dessert looks so good!!

  3. What a sweet surprise to discover that you made that recipe. I love it, too, and make it every year. I'm glad it turned out well for you.
    I loved your description of watching the leaves fall from the trees. It's such a lovely thing to do. Wishing you many more lovely autumn days.

  4. Isn't amazing how quickly an Amaryllis grows? Earlier this week I looked at the Amaryllis bulbs at the hardware store and almost bought one. It showed an extremely dark wine bloom on the picture. Sadly I don't have room for any more. I have six right now; two are supposed to be going dormant but are not. I so much wanted one at least to bloom for the holidays but it doesn't seem likely. Will you keep your bulb after it has done blooming and try for blooms again next year?

    1. Yes, it is definitely amazing. Makes it a bit challenging to time the bloom for Christmas, but still so enjoyable to observe the process. I think I am going to try and save it. It seems worth a try.

  5. I can't wait to see it bloom Kim - I've grown Apple Blossom and it's beautiful!


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