Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Happiness is a Hydrangea or Two . . . or Nine

~ Summer Crush Hydrangea ~

One of my favorite garden moments has arrived.
After watching the buds form, watering when the temperatures were soaring and picking off yellowed leaves and dead wooden stems,  I am being rewarded with beautiful hydrangeas.

Oh Happy, Happy Day!!

~ Echo Mini Penny Hydrangea ~

Yesterday it rained
and rained
and rained.

After the lawn dried a bit this morning I went to check on the welfare of my beloved hydrangeas.
They responded very well to all of that rain.

Hip Hip Hooray!!

~ Little Lime Hydrangea ~

In my last garden I grew several of the Limelight variety.
I adore them, but they grow very BIG.  Way too big for this garden.
In order to still enjoy limelights we recently planted two of the Little Lime variety.  They are supposed to grow to a height of 3-5 feet which is much better suited to our current needs.  They are just starting to form little buds so I shall try to remain patient while waiting to welcome them into the world.

~ Annabelle Hydrangea ~

The Annabelle hydrangea is getting ready to put on it's spectacular show.  It never disappoints.  It is a bit large for it's location, but I don't mind one single bit as it sits right outside my office window.  It is such a beautiful sight to gaze at while doing my work.

We added five new hydrangeas to the garden this year.
Now nine of these beauties mingle with the existing hollies to make a pretty hedge along the side of the house.
With our hot summers, most hydrangeas prefer morning sun with a chance to cool off during the afternoon (sounds a bit like me).
They should be very content in their new home.

There are so many reasons that I love them.
One of my favorite is that it only takes a few blossoms to make a pretty bouquet.  Cut, strip the leaves and plop in the vase.  
My kind of flower arranging.

Do you grow hydrangeas too?



  1. These are my very favorite flower! I had lots of them in NC ....all different colors! Love your photos! Hugs!

  2. Your hydrangeas are all beautiful. I had some at the house in town but they never did bloom.
    Gardens don't do very well where we live in the woods. Not enough sun.

  3. Your Hydrangeas are gorgeous!! We'll have to wait a month or more until ours bloom. I'm looking forward to that. We used to have a hedge of Annabelles that got flattened by heavy rain every July so in a fit of stupidity I had them all ripped out. Of course I was sorry later. Luckily at least one is coming back. Those roots must really be hardy because my guys turned the soil over after removing the plants.

  4. I can't believe your hydrangeas are blooming already! Here in Illinois, our hydrangeas don't even have buds yet. I have four hydrangeas but I don't think they get enough sun either. I barely get any blooms.

  5. I do love hydrangeas, but have just the standard variety of blue - I don't know their names. Ours are a long ways from blooming. We're having a very cool spring. I love cutting them and filling vases with their beautiful blooms.

  6. All your hydrangeas look stunning Kim - like you I'm cutting a few of my blooms to enjoy in the house too. They are just opening which makes me happy as we are leaving for the UK soon and I was worried I wouldn't see them flowering!

  7. We had hydrangeas when we lived in our house but now I am in an apartment with gardeners taking care of the grounds... so no hydrangeas. I love the blue/lavender ones!


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