Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Patio Time

Hello from the Patio

Late last year we had part of the patio screened in.
Now it feels like another room  of the house.
Our old table had seen better days and was on the small side when guests are over.  We've got a new one on order.  It has already been delayed until June.  While waiting for it's arrival I've been moving things around and sprucing up a bit.

I've moved some of my houseplants out here for a little vacation.
I'm planning to follow those PATIO RULES to a tee.
I've already tested out that RELAX suggestion.

After sprucing I went into RELAX mode.
The sky is so blue and our weather has been absolutely delightful.
As I sat gazing at the BBQ grill it occurred to me that maybe Brett would like to join me in working on the PATIO RULES.  I think I'll suggest that he start with GRILL EVERYTHING while I work on

See any rules you'd like to try out this season?


  1. Listening to the birds!!
    I'd love to screen in part of our front porch. I even have the place picked out.
    So nice to see a post from you. : )
    Have a wonderful evening and hi to Brett.

  2. That looks like a nice place to relax while someone else grills. 😄

  3. That would work! Your patio is so pleasant. Will you ever have it completely screened?

    1. It is a very large patio so we have screened it in along the back of the house and left the part by the grill open. The dining table is behind the screens so hopefully the bugs will be less of an issue.

  4. Read a book and Sip a drink! Those activities would be a pleasure on your beautiful patio. So nice to see a post from you!

  5. Isn't it fun to rearrange things and add a few indoor things to the porch?
    I think you'll love having a bug-free area. I love the birdhouse in the first picture and the healthy looking Norfolk pine beside it. I put 2 Ferns out on our porch. They were getting too big for inside.
    Have a great rest-of-the-week.

  6. Your patio area is beautiful! I'd love to relax out there, too.


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