Thursday, October 13, 2022

Outdoors in October

Something red caught my eye as I started out on a walk the other day.
Bending down for a closer look, a photo opportunity presented itself.
Here our fall color change is just getting underway which makes me want to be outdoors enjoying the show before it comes and goes for another year.

A fall outing to the local pumpkin farm put me in the mood for decorating my outdoor spaces.

The coleus by the front door were looking a tad scraggly.
A few gourds and a happy scarecrow were added to cheer things up.

This year that wreath is a bit bittersweet.
Around this time last year a neighbor friend made it for me.  She had so much talent with making wreaths and floral arrangements.  Shortly before Easter she passed away unexpectedly.  She would never take payment for her creations.  Instead she requested a homemade apple pie for Thanksgiving.  She will be remembered as I am preparing my pies next month.

It won't be long until my house plants will be moving back indoors for the winter.
In the meantime, I added a few pumpkins to the patio to herald the season.

I added a leafy garland and a pumpkin to the patio table.
The garland lights up adding nice ambience to the evenings.

Over the weekend we took a walk through the woods and noticed that somebody had been decorating in there.

In the woods there is a tree house built around a large old tree.
It's a popular destination for visiting grandchildren.

Small pops of color to be found here and there.
I see many more woodsy walks in our future.

Somehow I always seem to pick up treasures on my woodsy walks.
Pockets and hands are filled when I get home.
There are some really cool nut pods that are partially opened.  I think they might be hickory nuts.  Might have to pop them all in a basket for another fall decoration.


  1. So nice going along with you on your walk. Looking like fall by you. Such a pretty time of year. Sorry about your neighbor!

  2. Hello! Such a cozy autumn post! I am so very sorry about your friend. The wreath is lovely. Have a nice evening.

  3. That wreath is beautiful. I took a closer look and saw the fruits in addition to the leaves. It is sad to have someone pass unexpectedly.

    Are those walnuts? That would be a happy find on those walks in the woods.

    Looks as if autumn is going to be lovely in your corner.

  4. What a beautiful wreath, and a way to remember your neighbour. Like you, I often come home with bits and pieces in my pockets. Autumn is starting to show such beautiful colour in your area.

  5. Your area sure is looking like Fall. It's such a lovely time of the year.
    I like the wreath that your neighbour made; it's sad that she passed away unexpectedly. What it makes me realize is that the little things we can do for others are the things they'll remember about us once we're gone.

  6. That wreath is so pretty. So sorry to hear that your neighbor that made it passed away. You will always remember her fondly when you bring out her pretty fall wreath every year.

    Being in Illinois, I had to bring my houseplants in several weeks ago. We're having a brilliant color change right now but with having some rain and strong wind gusts, the leaves are starting to fall like crazy now.

    Have a good weekend!

  7. Hi Kim, I'm new to your blog. I love the wreath on your door. I'm sorry to hear about your neighbor. She did beautiful work and sounds like she was a giving person. The treehouse is really cool! My granddaughters would think that was so amazing :)


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