Tuesday, October 25, 2022

A Fall Road Trip

Last week we took a road trip back to our home state.
Winding our way through Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio and, finally, Michigan, the fall foliage becoming more vibrant as we went.
This rest area in Ohio gave us a welcome chance to stretch our legs and have a snack while enjoying the autumnal beauty.

The main reason for our trip was to visit my sister and brother-in-law.  What a surprise it was to all when we arrived at their house along with a gentle snowfall.  This was early, even by Michigan standards.  As we sat around the table enjoying Norma's delicious homemade chili, the weather outside seemed a bit confused.  The sun was peeking through lighting up the beautiful leaves on the trees as the snowflakes floated to the ground along with a leaf or two.
Inside, memories of my family together around the table warmed me.  The first 42 years of my life took place in Michigan with family together around the table at every holiday.  A brief reminder of those days washed over me as we enjoyed our meal together.

It's hard to go back "home" and not get a bit sentimental.
One day we visited Northville, the town we raised our boys in.
The downtown area was decorated for fall with these gorgeous planters lining the main street.

Another look at the main street decorated for the fall season.

High on our list of places to visit was the local cider mill.
That was always a fall tradition and one that we have missed.
It was worth standing in line for that freshly made doughnut and apple cider.  Naturally a bag of doughnuts and a gallon of cider came home with us.

It was nice to see that the wooden train was still there.
It was once a big thrill for my boys.

Of course I had to check out the unique shops in Northville and nearby Plymouth.  I thought this Thanksgiving display was especially pretty.

We went down memory lane when taking a drive by our childhood homes.  The home that Brett lived in through 3rd grade hasn't changed much.

This was not either of our childhood homes.
It was in the area and we always found the roof to be interesting.  

Since Brett's childhood home was near another cider mill, we felt obligated to pay a visit.  Apple butter and apple sauce came home with us from this one.  When it was time to head home, Brett wasn't sure he could fit everything in the car.  It seems we stocked up on all of the local favorites that we can't find in North Carolina.  


On our last day, the temperature went into the mid 70s feeling much more like a summer day.  In some ways it felt like a condensed version of all of the seasons in Michigan all put together in a week.
So now as the fall color change is just getting underway here, we will fill our glasses with apple cider, head for the patio and watch the squirrels scamper and the trees put on their seasonal show with warm memories of our visit back home.


  1. What a nice trip home even if it did snow some. That your sister made chili seems perfect. I had forgotten that you are Michigan transplants. The snow reminded you why I am sure. Your post makes me want to go to the apple orchard. Cider and doughnuts sounds wonderful.

  2. It sounds like a lovely trip, Kim. A gentle snowfall would have been so beautiful, too. Apple cider, apple butter, and doughnuts sound like good souvenirs from your trip. Enjoy your cider on the patio. This is a beautiful season!

  3. What a wonderful trip back home for a visit. It all sounds perfect. Wow that house is gorgeous with the blue roof and interesting looking.
    What made you leave Michigan all those years ago?

  4. Your trip to visit your sister and BIL sounds like a great get-away. Visiting the various places that you both knew from bygone days must have made it special. I'd like to visit a cider mill but I don't think we have any around here. Nice that you brought cider back with you as well as other goodies.
    That blue roof on the big house makes me wonder what it's made of. Interesting.

  5. What a lovely trip you had! I'm not surprised to hear about the little bit of snow. We had flurries here in IL already too, though thank goodness it was short-lived and they didn't stick to the ground.

    That house with the blue roof is fascinating! I wonder what it's made out of?

  6. What a wonderful visit! Your hometown is so lovely! I loved all the cozy things, and I know exactly how you feel about returning to the place you grew up in and began your family in. It tugs at the heart. Have a cozy day, my friend.


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