Monday, December 19, 2022

Christmas Preparations and A Giant Shoe

In this week leading up to Christmas day, it feels good to know that the Christmas cards are on their way to friends and neighbors across the country.  Yes, I am one who still enjoys sending and receiving them.  I found this season's elf themed postage stamps to be particularly cute.

The gifts are wrapped and waiting.

Food gifts for the neighbors awaiting delivery.

I do believe that my preparations are complete.
Of course there will be some last minute cleaning and cooking, but for now it is nice to have time to enjoy the moments as they come.

Now, about that giant shoe ...

Friday night we attended a Holiday Tour of Historic Homes in a local town.  The home pictured above was built in 1798.  As you can imagine a lot of interesting history took place there.  I was fascinated by that, but what had the biggest impact was the furniture.  At first it just looked like very ornate antique furniture.  When the docent began pointing out the detail on each piece, I was thoroughly amazed.  Over sixty pieces of furniture all carved by hand by Tilden Stone, a relative of the homeowner.  Unfortunately there were no photos allowed in the homes.  If you are interested in seeing just a glimpse of his work I would direct you here.  Although it would be hard to appreciate the amazing detail in his work, you will get an idea what I am talking about.
Since I feel bad about talking about this furniture and not being able to show you exactly what I saw, I will tell you about another of his creations that I was able to photograph.

The giant shoe!!
On the grounds of this home, right outside the bedroom window of a little girl named Susan.  Well, at least she was a little girl when the shoe was constructed in 1945.  It was constructed by her great uncle Tilden Stone and her father. Apparently Susan loved dolls and owned many.  One day Tilden stated that she was just like the old woman in the shoe with all of her dolls.  He then created this shoe for her to play in.

It is constructed of concrete.
The "S" above the little door is for Susan.
While touring her bedroom which was filled with a beautiful hand carved canopy bed and furniture pieces made by great uncle Tilden, we were told that the shoe was placed where little Susan could see it from her bedroom window.  Susan is no longer living, but the shoe is apparently quite a landmark in this small town.  I did ask the docent if I could take a peek inside and she said "sure".

All decorated for Christmas.


Susan's younger brother and his wife are currently living in the house (not the shoe:).  I would guess him to be in his late 70s or early 80s.
At the end of the tour he showed us his collection of musical instruments collected from countries around the world.  He picked up and played several.  To conclude he told us that his Dad was very musical and best known for playing the saw blade.  He then proceeded to pick up a saw and play White Christmas on it.  Before this evening I would have never believed I could be moved to tears over hearing White Christmas on a saw.  But I could and I was.

Wishing you a joy-filled week,


  1. What an interesting man Tilden Stone was. I did go to look at some examples of his work and was disappointed that the image of his steamboat house was 'not available'. I'll keep looking though. I love touring historic homes and when they're decorated for Christmas that's even better. The giant shoe is so unusual. I hope it stays in the family after the current owners pass away.
    Peace and joy to you and your family during this week before Christmas and after.

  2. What a lovely outing you enjoyed. The shoe play house is certainly unique. Historic houses decorated for Christmas are so beautiful.
    I still have gifts to wrap, but other than that I am mostly done.
    May Christmas be a time of joy and love for you, Kim.

  3. Yes, I can imagine it because I am misty-eyed just reading about it. I wondered if there was a little old woman with so many children connection. Susan was a blessed little girl. The stories that exist in all corners of the country and the world. They'll never all be told.

    I have lots to do yet, beginning with grocery shopping tomorrow. I could and should finish wrapping tonight. Enjoy the quiet moments.

  4. Looks like your all set for Christmas. Nice to be done early and you can relax and and enjoy the holiday.
    I would have loved to take a tour of the house.
    How interesting about the shoe. What a cool place that would have been to play in.

  5. Thank you for sharing that beautiful story of that amazing shoe. I can imagine the joy that little girl felt as she played inside all those years ago. So nice for you to be done and able to relax and enjoy this week of anticipation. Merry Christmas!

  6. Your tree and gifts all look so pretty. Wish I could get organized and get things done in an orderly you have done. I love the story of the shoe. I loved dolls and can imagine how exciting getting that shoe must have been. Kim, hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. I think we're in for a cold Christmas here in NC. Hope your grandson gets to see a little snow while he is here, but I think I would rather be in Florida, :)

  7. That giant shoe is so cool!

    I delivered homemade cookies to several of my neighbors today, too. I might bake one more batch tomorrow to bring to my aunt's house on Christmas Eve.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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