Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Busy Moving

Big changes have been taking place here.

A large portion of our furniture made it's way into this moving truck headed to our son's new home.

We've been getting by without family room and dining room furniture.  It was a wonderful opportunity to give the floors and baseboards a good cleaning.  New furniture has been ordered.

Once we got everything moved to his new home, we helped him get his condo in the city ready to sell.  He moved here after graduating from college and starting his career.  That was 12 years ago.
Once the place was empty, I felt a bit nostalgic thinking about how much has changed since he first moved here.  Another one of those "where does the time go" moments.

Even though he is now a grown man, I asked him to let me get one last picture with the city in the background.

The new furniture has begun to trickle in.
So far I am very happy with how it looks and functions.
If I ever get nostalgic for the old furniture I know where to find it.


  1. I love the colourway of your room and furniture, especially the muted tones of the rug and what a stunning cityscape view in the condo.

  2. Oh, the new furniture is beautiful! I love the rug. So cozy and classy. Where does the time go???

  3. Time moves along so swiftly.
    So nice of you to give your son all that furniture, but nice that you get to have new! :)
    Is he moving to a house? Is it near you?

    1. Yes, he is moving to a house. It is less than half an hour from us.

  4. Ooh, I love your new furniture! Where did your son move to, is he close-by?

  5. That was an amazing view! But I bet his new place is equally nice.
    Your new furniture is beautiful!

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  7. It's very strange seeing one's old furniture in someone else's home but it makes visiting very comfortable.

  8. Your new furniture looks great. It will be nice having your son living just half an hour away.

  9. That's a great idea and I know you are enjoying some new things. These boys just grow up before we know it! I still call all my 'kids' boys! lol And they are middle age now!

  10. A few months ago we gave our old furniture to our son and his family, and have new living room seating for ourselves. We still need to get a rug. Yours is lovely. So cozy. Time goes much more quickly than it used to, it seems.


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