Wednesday, September 27, 2023

The Nesting Season Has Arrived

Another Autumn season has arrived.
A season for warm drinks, soft throws, good books and . . .

nesting.  Plenty of feathering the nest to make things cozy for the cooler months ahead.
As the family room furniture continues to trickle in, it has been fun to come up with some new fall vignettes.
I have done away with a coffee table in favor of two ottomans.
I like the versatility of being able to prop our feet up on them or move them around for additional seating, if necessary.

With the days getting shorter, it was time to pull out the candles and put the batteries back into the battery operated candle lanterns.
So nice to warm up the evenings or the cloudy days, like today.

I enjoyed rearranging the hutch a bit.
I've ordered a new dining table that will better suit our needs in this house.  No more pulling odd chairs from here and there when the family is all here.  The table is supposed to be delivered in a couple weeks.  

While waiting for the table to be delivered, I've been playing around with how I will set it for the fall season.
I found the prettiest plates at the thrift shop recently.  It's hard to tell in the photo, but they have a bit of leaves, corn, gourds and acorns on the border.  Made by Pfaltzgraff and only 49 cents a piece was a deal that I couldn't pass up.  The glass turkey, pumpkin soup bowls and candle holder were also thrift finds from previous years.  To me the fun is pulling them together to make a coordinated, collected table scape.
Nesting at it's finest.

My nesting instincts often spill over to the thrift shop.
While there last week I overheard someone say that a tree had fallen over the road I needed to travel to get home.  It landed on a car and brought down the power lines with it.  Traffic would be stopped both ways for hours.  Oh dear!  To pass the time while waiting I went around filling the cart with fall themed treasures from the past.
These two yellow ware bowls with the brown bands weren't right for my house, but I will always love them.  I think they lend themselves to beautiful wood furniture, gourds, pumpkins and sunflowers.  All things that could be found there on that day.  I set up a little vignette and snapped a picture.  It satisfied my fall nesting interests while passing the time.  It still took me an hour and a half to get home.
Thankfully nobody was injured in the car that the tree landed on.
I have no idea why that tree fell as it was a lovely evening.
I rolled down the car windows, cranked up the radio and enjoyed the (long) ride home.  By the time I got home it was dark.  So nice to have the cozy candle light to greet me.

Happy Fall, Friends!


  1. Your home always looks so NICE. Happy and welcoming. You have the decorating knack! :)
    Sorry it took you so long to get home!!! Sure glad no one was hurt with the falling tree.

  2. My goodness, you summed up my feelings about fall perfectly! Your home is lovely and cozy, and ready for all the warmth that this beautiful season brings.

  3. Nesting season is a great description! You are so right, and I agree on candles too. They help make it cozier.
    Everything looks beautiful at your place. You'll have to show us the new table when it arrives.

  4. Your home looks so beautiful decorated for fall! I love what you've done with the hutch. And what a great deal you got on the lovely fall dishes. Perfect for having your family around your new table.

    We have a long wooden coffee table that belonged to my grandmother. It's a Lane - heavy with thick wood and iron "legs" on both ends. I love it not only because it's lovely and belonged to my grandma, but it's perfect for propping our feet onto when we're sitting o the couch or on the side chair. However, it takes up SO much room. I'd been thinking about getting just a small round glass topped coffee table, but then we couldn't prop our feet onto it. Two ottomans might just do the trick instead. Decisions, decisions!

  5. Your home looks lovely; all ready for Fall. I like how you've arranged the hutch and the dough bowl filled with gourds and Autumn leaves. It's my favourite season ❤

  6. It all looks very welcoming. It's a lovely time of year,

  7. I LOVE that you set up a vignette in the thrift store and photographed it. Such fun! Your home is so cozy and perfect for fall.


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