Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Houseplant Love

With the gardening season mostly over for the year, I enjoy a different kind of slower paced gardening in the form of tending the houseplants.  
Although I've been documenting this for years, it is always such a fun surprise to see all of the buds on my Thanksgiving cactus when it comes in from it's summer vacation on the patio.
After watching this Lisa Emeterio video I was inspired to elevate the look of my cactus.  Instead of the normal pot it was in I chose this Wedgewood bowl that has been gathering dust in the cupboard.  Some moss on the top to hide the "mechanics" and I think it looks pretty good.  Now to watch as the beautiful blossoms unfurl.

My Norfolk Pine always responds well to a summer spent outdoors.
Every year I think I should decorate it for Christmas.
Perhaps this year I will actually follow through.

Pothos is such an easy plant to grow.
The bright shade of green on this one caught my eye in the garden center last spring.  I think it's called a neon pothos.
I particularly like when the sun hits it in the morning drawing attention to it's beauty next to my favorite chair.

Wanting a new plant for low light conditions I recently purchased this sansevieria.  Yes, the good old "snake plant" or "mother in law's tongue".  I am still a bit surprised that I made this purchase as I used to think they were not something I would ever want in my house.  Ever since I was a kid, for some reason, I associated them with "old lady" plants.  I know they have recently become popular again.  Perhaps that is why I am seeing them in a new light or perhaps it is because now I qualify for the "little old lady".
In reading about their care I learned that they are one of the better plants for purifying the air inside one's home.  They are supposed to remove formaldehyde and provide oxygen in it's place.  With the new rugs and furniture that sounds like a good plant to have around.
I may have to apologize to this plant for all of the bad thoughts I've had about it.

My anthurium did well on the patio until an early frost caught me off guard.  After bringing it in, most of the leaves have turned brown and I've been clipping them off one by one.  It is looking kind of pathetic at the moment.

It almost found a new home in the compost heap until I noticed this new leaf and upon closer inspection there are a few more getting ready to unfurl.  So now I will spend the fall and winter months tending to it with hopes that in time it will once again be strong and healthy.  I am going to start by finding a slightly larger pot for it as I think it has outgrown this one.

I can never resist growing an amaryllis or two at this time of year.
Last year's bulb turned out to be a dud.
I have high hopes for this one.



  1. Hi Kim! I like looking at other people's house plants because our cat Timothy cannot leave houseplants alone and I worry he's going to poison himself! I hope you are doing well!

  2. Your plants are lovely! I am going to share this with my daughter, Peyton. She is very talented with them, much like you! I, unfortunately, am not! So, I shall live through you! Have a cozy evening.

  3. Oh all your plants are so nice.
    I have a Thanksgiving cactus that Liz gave me last year and it is blooming now.
    I too have some of my plants in old bowls that I've collected. :)

  4. I'm impressed! I can't keep plants alive inside the house. I really like the Thanksgiving cactus and the bowl is so pretty!

  5. I love house plants and have lots of them...probably around 50! And I must be a little old lady too, because I have three snake plants. ;-) Another super easy to keep alive plant that doesn't need much light is the ZZ plant. I have three of those, also. Yes, your pothos is the neon variety. So pretty! Philodendron is another lovely plant that trails and is low maintenance. Just needs indirect light and watering about once/week.

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  7. House plants are lovely. The bright green of the pothos is a delight.
    (I must bring my house plants indoors since their summer holiday is long past!)

  8. You have some beautiful houseplants, Kim, and they appreciate your loving care. I love them, too. My cactus bloomed earlier this fall - perhaps for Canadian Thanksgiving in October! That neon pothos is very pretty and bright.

  9. Your house plants are just awesome Kim - you definitely have patience to bring them along and care for them so well. My Thanksgiving cactus is fabulous right now - brought it in from summer on the porch - hide it in the dark overnight - now it's blooming and so beautiful.
    Happy Thanksgiving dear - enjoy each moment as autumn slips away and winter awaits.
    Hugs - Mary

  10. Beautiful Christmas cactus, I fail every year to get the amaryllis to flower so I just buy a new one. Your plants are lovely.

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  12. Houseplants are a beautiful sight. The vibrant green color of the pothos is a great pleasure.

    You are welcome to read my most recent post.


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