Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Post Thanksgiving ~ Pre-Christmas

The Christmas decorating is underway at my happy home.
Before I get too immersed in that, a brief documentation of the Thanksgiving that was. . .

Thanksgiving was different in many ways.
My son offered to be the host in his new (to him) home.
One drawback to that is he doesn't cook.
He did offer to provide Costco's version of a pre-made turkey dinner.
That idea was shot down quick by his cousins.
I said I would be happy to help in any way.  But, I decided to let the younger generation come up with the plan.
This is new to me and I found it rather fun to wait and see what they came up with.
I did bring over a few fall decorations and my sister-in-law brought her table cloth.
I felt right at home seated around our old dining room table.

Once the plan was in place, we all brought a few dishes to share.
I guess I should say the females brought the food ;)
My son happily provided the "shelter" (as he called it) and the beverages.
I'll say one thing we had no shortage of food.
It's been tradition for my sister-in-law to bake the pumpkin pie and I bake the apple.  New this year, her granddaughter baked a chocolate cream pie.  
Yum! Yum!Yum!

Hats off to the younger generation for a most successful Thanksgiving celebration!!

Now, back to the Christmas decorating.



  1. You all may have started a new tradition. Sounds like a great Thanksgiving. Lovely photo!!

  2. It's fun when the younger generation starts taking the initiative and we can sit back and help out or just watch and enjoy.

  3. It lends occasions a totally different feeling when the young adults start taking over. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  4. How wonderful to keep those family traditions going. I miss my kids, living so far from them. Enjoy your day and decorating!

    1. I need to get my pixies out and find new spots for them!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving! And how nice that the younger generation is taking over.


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