Sunday, December 10, 2023

A Few Thoughts at Christmastime

After Christmas last year I took advantage of the 50% off sales and picked up a Christmas tree for my living room.  Perhaps I should call it my reading room because that is what mostly takes place here.
When trying to decide how I wanted to decorate it, I settled on using the very old ornaments that belonged to my parents.  Many of them are Shiny Brites and all of them are very delicate.  Worrying about them getting broken almost stopped me.  But, when I thought about how long I have had them I decided it was best to put every last one of them on that tree and enjoy it to the fullest.  Which is exactly what I have been doing.  Each morning and most evenings I make myself comfortable in my reading chair and this is my view.  Such a pretty and peaceful way to start and end the day in this busy time leading up to Christmas.

When I think of how old and fragile these ornaments are, it's rather amazing that there are still so many of them intact.  This Santa is one of my favorites.

Last week I was invited to meet a few of the neighbor ladies for lunch.
After lunch I invited them over for dessert.  I decided a variety of bite size choices would be best and baked pecan tassies, chocolate cherry cheesecakes and a new to me recipe, nutmeg logs.
In the morning I set the table with my Christmas china so that everything would be ready when we returned from lunch.
One of our topics of conversation was that the younger generation, for the most part, has no interest in owning sets of china.  When I got married 42 years ago I thought having a full set of china was such a thrill.  It made me feel so grown up and elegant.  Many years later I dreamed of owning the traditional Lenox holiday china.  When it became possible, I enjoyed setting the table with it for our Christmas celebrations.  In my mom's later years she gifted me four sets of it.  
Her last visit to my home was a Thanksgiving visit many years ago.
I decided to decorate the house for Christmas early that year and set the table with the Lenox china.  I know it brought her great joy and it still stands out as our last happy holiday celebration together.

Although both of my parents have been gone for many years, the memories old ornaments and out of fashion china evoke make me glad I still own them.

Our weekend weather has been damp and dreary.
Extra thankful for Christmas lights on days like this.
Today I'll be tackling the Christmas cards.
Probably another old fashioned tradition.  Yet one I will most likely be carrying on until it's obsolete.

Wishing you JOY for the season.


  1. A lovely post. I am so glad you got to have that wonderful holiday with your mom. I have my grandma's china. It is close to 100 years old. We use it for some holidays. This year, no china and no cards. 🙂 I am having a quieter Christmas. We will see family amd exchange simple gifts. I baked a little less too, though hubby is making oatmeal treats as I type this. Have a Very Merry Christmas. I enjoyed your post.

  2. Such lovely memories.
    So special that. you have the old ornaments that were your parents.
    Your tree looks beautiful.

  3. Your tree is so pretty and the sentimental value of those ornaments is great. I'm glad you're enjoying them.
    I've also been married for 42 years and remember how excited I was to get my china. Things have certainly changed.

  4. Lovely memories. It's good to use precious things, even with the fear of them breaking. It's nice to have the opportunity to set the table formally.

  5. Beautiful memories, Kim. I love the sentiment of your old ornaments and it's good to enjoy them now. Having a set of china dishes was certainly the thing to do. I still enjoy using mine and setting a pretty table. Your nutmeg logs sound intriguing - would you share the recipe?

  6. I love your Christmas tree with all the beautiful Shiny Brite ornaments. You're so lucky you have all of them. I don't know what my mother did with all the ornaments from when my childhood. I think I asked her one time (she's still alive) and she said she didn't know, that maybe she got rid of them during one of her many moves.

    Your table setting looks so lovely with that special china, too. You are right - the younger generation has no interest in beautiful china like we did. I still have our wedding china from 1984 - Noritake. We never use it so I tried to sell it one time to a vintage consignment shop, and they weren't interested because it doesn't sell.

    I cut down on the Christmas cards I send out. I now only send out about 12, most people being out-of-state.


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