Monday, February 12, 2024

Outside on These Mild Winter Days

The snowdrops that I planted a few years ago aren't multiplying like I had hoped.  Still, they are a happy little sight to stumble upon in the garden at this time of year.

On one of our recent mild days I spent some time on the patio.
A nice variety of birds kept me company.
A few different woodpeckers enjoyed the full feeder and the suet that Brett had recently put out.

The tree outside my office window has been visited often by the Eastern Bluebirds.  They looked especially lovely with the brilliant blue sky background.

Over the weekend I was at my son's house.  While the guys were busy assembling something in the house I decided to take advantage of our 70 degree day and go for a walk around his neighborhood.  The first thing I noticed were daffodils in bloom at many houses.
At my house they are well out of the ground, but not close to blooming yet.
When I got back to my son's house I took a stroll around his yard to see if there were any spring bulbs sprouting.  The previous owner liked to garden.  In a patch of iris (I think) I noticed something sticking up.

When I pulled it out, a ceramic goose greeted me.
After brushing off the decaying leaves, I gave him a new home near the daffodils.  I think he will be happy once those pretty yellow flowers start popping out.  

Around the corner from the daffodils and iris I discovered a few well marked hyacinths awakening from their winter slumber.
I think the former gardener's grandchildren enjoyed painting rocks.  I've found them here and there throughout the garden.

Back home, the window feeder has been another popular spot with the birds.  This sweet little house finch was patient enough to pose for a picture.  A very fitting visitor for this Valentine week.



  1. The little goose was a happy find. Spring is finally here!

  2. Sure looking like spring there. Nice to find the goose!! :) We had some pretty nice days around here too but it has turned cold again and it is supposed to snow over night.

  3. Look at the blue skies and flowers popping up! We have snow predicted this week, so won't be seeing spring blooms yet, but I'm happy to see them here!

  4. Spring is well on the way in your area. I've found that snowdrops are slow to multiple here, too.

  5. Hello! This post made me smile! It is a reminder that spring is coming! Have a cozy afternoon, my friend.

  6. Snowdrops don't do well for me either. Too bad since I really would love to have large drifts of them.
    Nice to be able to think of Spring ( even though we had to scrape ice off the windshield this morning).


  7. Seems like we aren't getting much winter weather here and that spring is getting closer by the day. My daffs are blooming and the bluebell leaves are already quite tall.
    Our garden is a mess as we are getting a new roof on Thursday and had to move all the the garden knick knacks away from the house today.
    Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow Kim.

  8. Incredible spring weather you're having already! I saw snowdrops on my walk yesterday - they're just barely poking out of the ground. We've had a mild Feb so far here in IL, so can't complain. But It'll be a long time til we see that kind of weather here in northern IL!


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