Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Little Elf With a Big Secret

Pssst . . . hello there ladies. My name is Elvin and I was wondering if I could talk to you for a moment today?? I'm hoping that you can keep a secret. You see, Kim isn't home right now and I snuck onto the computer to make a plea for elves everywhere.

There is something going on in one house in North Carolina that is very unfair to we elves. To be more specific we are being held hostage in a box in the attic for 360 days a year. Do you have any idea how hot an attic is in the summer. Whew, I break out in a sweat just thinking of it. On those 5 lucky days that we come out of the attic, we sit in the foyer listening to "her" say how much she loves us and how adorable we are and how we remind her of when she was a little girl and used to decorate for Christmas with her Dad. But then we hear little stifled comments about how old we are and some people might find us (gulp) tacky. At this point we are usually carried back to the attic. Can you believe that? Talk about a fairweather friend. We smile constantly and do our best to look cute and irresistible. What are we doing wrong?? Why won't she bring us out of captivity and let us be part of the Christmas decor. She let's those angels and gingerbread men come out. Where have we gone wrong?

Now, since I think that you can keep a secret I am going to show you what I have been up to in "her" absence. I replaced the stockings she had hung by the chimney with care with a couple of my fellow hostages. I think they look pretty good there. What do you think? Don't get me wrong I know things have gotten pretty fancy and "matchy, matchy" since our heyday. Times were simpler back in the 50s and I guess we are a reflection of that, but I know a lot of you blog ladies like things from the good old days, don't you?

Do you have any idea of what I can do to make sure we don't go back to the attic when the 5 days are up? I would just love to see how it felt to be out of there until January. Man what we elves wouldn't give for a taste of freedom. How we would relish being in the background of some Christmas photos. If you have any thoughts on the matter, please tell me . . . I'm all ears. Oh and speaking of that, we elves do have pretty big and okay, pointy, ears. However, I don't think that is why "she" is embarrassed by us. After all she has that pointy eared dog and she doesn't have to be relegated to the attic.

Now, where was I . . . Oh, yes back to Christmas decorating Elvin-style. The pictures above are part of a little tree I put up while "she" was gone. Not bad, eh?

Here I stuck a few of the guys up there with Mr. & Mrs. Claus. That was quite a feat for a little guy like me because the Clauses are on top of a china cabinet. It took a lot out of me to climb way up there to do my decorating and I probably wouldn't have gone through the effort if this cause wasn't so very important to me. When I was up there an idea struck me. Why not tell dear old Santa about my plight. I think he would be on my side. Well, I was just about to bend his ear when I heard the sounds of the garage door creaking open. Oh no - "she's" home!! I ran through that house as fast as I could grabbing all of my elf friends as I went. We all jumped in the dreaded box, slammed the lid and here we sit on the foyer floor. Quick, before she comes in the door I am making one final plea to the dear ladies in blog land . . . if you love an elf or even if you don't love an elf but just have a tender heart . . . won't you please do what you can to help "her" come to "her" senses?? Maybe a subtle good word in the comments box about how her house looks nice, but a few elves would put it over the top????

If you can find it in your heart to come to the rescue of we dear, old, captive elves I will put in a good word for you when I finally do talk to Santa.

With Love & Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas,



  1. Dearest little Elvin, I think you have already done a most important job and that is to make this blog reader have a very nice chuckle:) See, you do have a wonderful purpose, after all!!!!

  2. Elvin: You and your little friends are ADORABLE. I say you deserve to have a place up high, all of your own, to share with your friends so that you can see all that goes on at Christmas in this household. You know Christmas is fun, I just hope that this year, you can enjoy it all! Let us know what happens, will you, Elvin?

  3. Elvin, you're simply too cute and I am seeing your pals everywhere these days. You've become quite in fashion once again so it's all good. I'll make every good wish for you to be displayed with pride.

  4. Kim, I have an idea. I hope you won't take this the wrong way, but I was thinking that, even though your house looks beautiful what it really could use is some cute little Christmas elves sitting around to liven things up. Yes, elves would definitely kick it up a notch. If, of course, you have a thing against cute little elves, I'd be happy to adopt one (if you knew of any that needed a home, that is;)) Merry Christmas, Kim! Twyla

  5. Have those elves been reading the Harry Potter books? Because there's a whole lot in Harry Potter about freeing the house elves, and it seems like the movement is spreading. Good luck, guys! xo Barbara

  6. Oh dear little Elvin...You are so adorable and if Kim decides she doesn't want you, tell her that I'd be glad to have you come live with me and you can stay out all 365 days a year...I just love little elves!


  7. Elvin, your plight is a serious one, and I wish I had some creative ideas...but I agree with Susan P., you've already done an important job, you gave us a chuckle or two - or three!!

    However, I do think you should get a chance to sport a place on the couch, or a window sill, a relaxing spot on a bed...just for a little bit of time, anyway.

  8. Kim,

    Very cute post. You make me smile.

    Merry Christmas!


  9. You can come visit your Elvin cousins in NC! (we're in the mountains) I have a few elves and they are just precious! You have a nice collection...better find a nook for them before they revolt! Love your pictures and your blog! ( I see someone else offered to adopt one! We all love them! Merry Christmas!

  10. I just love your story! Good job, Mr. Elvin, for doing up the tree rather perfectly! I have a little collection myself on my Christmas cottage post. Love all of yours and those stockings are just wayyy cute.


  11. Tell all the elves to visit my blog to see their NC cousins! heehee!

  12. My dear Elvin, you are right that you deserve to be part of the Christmas festivities. You are just adorable and there is nothing tacky about you. I wish I had some little elves just like you. I remember a few in my own mother's decorations. But I am very prejudice as I must share a secret with you my friend...I too am an elf...Miss Pickles the Elf to be exact. :)

    Christmas hugs ~
    Miss Pickles the Elf


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