Saturday, December 20, 2008

Playing in the Snow Down South

Oh, ho ho . . . how I miss snow!

Well, maybe not for months on end, but definitely at Christmastime. I have been enjoying the snowy scenery on many of your blogs . Nothing looks quite so pretty and cozy at this time of year than a fresh fallen blanket of white, fluffy snow. When I was a kid in Michigan I spent many winter days outside all day until my feet were numb and my cheeks were nice and rosy. The first pair of ice skates I owned were blue (just like the ones in the picture above, only a bit larger). Some years my Dad would make an ice skating rink in the backyard and I would put several layers of socks under those blue skates and glide around that rink pretending I was Peggy Fleming.

We occasionally get a snowfall in this part of North Carolina - but the chances of a white Christmas are pretty darn slim. As a matter of fact, it has been almost balmy here for the last week or so. But, just because the weatherman won't cooperate doesn't mean we can't still have a little fun in the snow.

In the meadow we can build a snowman . . .

On the coffee table we can build a snowman too!!
And underneath him we can put a snowy quilt square - woo hoo!!

~ A snow family under glass ~

A snowy touch on a wee little chair . . .

With a sweet sentiment to share.

A couple of snowmen to hold the boy's stockings. I made these stockings when they were little guys. I used to cross stitch a lot back then.

This is another oil painting from the thrift shop. It is "snow" pretty in person as the snow has glitter in it and it is so sparkly.

I'm dreaming . . .

of a . . .

white Christmas ~
Just like the ones I used to know . . .

May your days be merry and bright!!

The big day is almost here. I hope you are all enjoying the season and finding some time to relax and enjoy it too.
What fun it has been to take a peek at all of your decorating, get a glimpse of the crafts you have made and the recipes you are making, the cards you are sending and the cookies you are baking.

Warm & Cozy Christmas Wishes to You,


  1. Kim, I love your snowman collection! It doesn't have to snow outside to enjoy the fun. I hope you and your precious family have a most joyous Christmas! Twyla

  2. Kim, thanks for sharing your darling snowmen collection with us!We never have a white Christmas in Virginia either, so I will just have to enjoy the beautiful snowy white scenes on oher people's blogs, too! Wishing you and your dear family a most blessed Christmas!

  3. Hi Kim,

    Oh my gosh!! every time I come here I just fall in love with all your accents! I adore all those snow men and what a pretty way to display them in the bell jar too! and Im drooling over that pillow! you simply have the sweetest things!! I love the painting too! and your home always looks so prefect in blue and white!!

    I finally found that stove on Ebay and my new post has a few pics of it, I just adore them! and thanks so much for the inspiration behind it too :) I decided to keep them out all year, for that price, lol, I better :)

    Hope you have a wonderful Holiday sweetie! xo Cynthia

  4. Kim, I absolutely love all your snowman decorations! The lilttle snow family under the glass cloche is toooo cute. I collect snowmen and I especially love the ones dressed in blue! Your home looks so warm and cozy!

    Have a wonder Christmas ~ hugz,

  5. Kim your home looks sooooo cozy! The snowmen are adorable! I'm a weird one and do not like the snow! I hate driving in it and don't like all the cold air that comes with it!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!
    I hope all is Calm and Bright!

  6. Kim, what a charming tour. I loved your theme of dreaming of a White Christmas. You've done a splendid job of creating what you wish for.
    (I'd love to share some of mine with you! Lots of it actually.)

    May your Christmas be merry and bright!

  7. I love snowmen, too! We love so many of the same things! I thought of you today...I found a little elf on an old doorknocker (only the head, poor thing!) so I am trying to figure out how to make him a new hat and body! I'll let you know if it turns out! Merry Christmas!

  8. Hi Kim, I have a grown daughter named Kim so I love the name. I just stopped by for the first time and love your blog...especially the snowmen and also your home. I'm sorry your mom is in the hospital-I know how hard that can be. I can't wait to read more. I moved from CA. to CO. and now have snow, which I love. Blessings to you and yours.


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