Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How to Trim a (Fake) Tree

For many years I swore I would never, ever have an artificial tree. Then, in 1999 we moved from Michigan to North Carolina. We moved two unhappy children along with my husband's business into a condo while our house was being built. The house was done in time for us to move in on December 23rd. Most of our belongings were in storage including the Christmas decor. My sister-in-law loaned us her artificial tree and we rounded up a few ornaments and called it Christmas. Well ever since that time we have had an artificial tree. Not only one, but two full sized and 2 small ones. Sure there are times that I miss a real tree ~ nothing like that heavenly fragrance. But, these fakies sure are convenient.

I have been spending my morning today decorating one of these trees. This one sits in the corner of the dining room. Please join me as I trim the tree.

In my book it is essential to have a steady stream of Christmas carols ringing through the house as I tackle this job. The louder the better.

And, since fake trees are definitely lacking in the scent department I like to create my own by burning a pine scented candle. This one is called Christmas Wreath, but it smells just like the real deal.

It's always fun to have a cute little helper. My boys have no interest in this job anymore so I recruited this little sweetie.

The tree I am decorating today is the one that holds all of the ornaments that are nearest & dearest. You know, the ones from childhood, the ones your children made, special gifts from special people and sometimes the ones that even bring a tear to your eye because they hold such powerful memories of loved ones who are no longer with us. On the other hand they sometimes cause a chuckle of a funny memory from the past. So many years of beautiful memories all come together on one tree. The Raggedy Ann & Andy above were given to me by my son when he was 15. He bought them at Cracker Barrel. I thought it was pretty special that a teenage boy even noticed his mom had a soft spot for Raggedy Ann & Andy. I even left the tags on them because he wrote on them and included the date.

This stove was put out by Hallmark one year. When I lived in Michigan my sister & I got together every year for huge cookie baking sessions. I miss that a lot, but this sweet ornament reminds me of those special days. The year it came out I bought one for her and sent it along with some of my homemade cookies.

Another year Hallmark put out this adorable refrigerator. It even has magnets on the door.

Santa taking a rest before the big day gets here. This little guy was from a thrift shop. I love when I find some of the vintage ornaments there.

This little house is extra special to me this year as I won it from a giveaway I entered here. This past year was when I decided to try my hand at blogging and I just love it. It is so much fun to read all of your blogs and see what you have been up to in your homes. I know I don't have to go on and on about this as I'm sure you already know what I'm talking about :-)

I find that when you are mixing a whole bunch of different kinds of ornaments it can look a bit haphazard if you're not careful. I like to add something to kind of "unify" the look a bit. I do that with icicles. I have all different kinds and am always on the lookout for them throughout the year at garage sales, thrift shops, etc.

Well gals, I am almost done with the decorating around here. It seems to be taking a little longer than it should. Hmmm . . . could that be because I am taking pictures as I go along and also checking in on your blogs every day???

Once I get it all done I hope to have lots more time for blogging. I absolutely adore everything about the Christmas season. I'm going to go finish up the dining room now.

I'll be back soon.
Until then Santa looks quite content to sit in the middle of these Shiny Brite ornaments. Ho ho!!


  1. Thanks for including us in your tree-decorating marathon! You are right...everything takes much longer when it is part of the blogging tour. Your decorations from by-gone days are precious!

  2. Nice christmas tree and nice with all the good memories :)

  3. Oh, your ornaments are so cute, especially the stove and refrigerator. I know my decorating is going slower....I think I am trying to have photo shoots of everything!

  4. Kim it's all beautiful! I love the stove and refrigerator ornaments. Adorable!!

  5. It looks really wonderful! Those icicles add a lot - great idea. Barbara

  6. Hi Kim, what a sweet post! I love raggedy ann and andy :) and your house looks so so pretty and cozy too! and the decorations look gorgeous !

    and btw, you know I love all the miniature things you find and when I saw that oven and stove by Hallmark I went right to Ebay! lol ;) They are fabulous!! I found the fridge, now Im on the hunt for the oven! You inspire me :)

    ~Happy Holidays~

    xo Cynthia

  7. Kim,

    We do artificial trees too. I actually asked my husband if we could have a table top tree this year and he said not yet, since our youngest grandchild is 1 1/2. We use the same ornaments every year. I can't do theme trees. I have ornaments from my childhood that I still love to display.


  8. Thanks for letting me help you trim your beautiful Christmas tree! I especially loved seeing the little stove and fridge ornaments, so cute:) I love to look at mine too and think about all the memories attached. Since we have an artificial tree, too, I love to plug in the Yankee Mistletoe warmers ~ they do smell like the real thing!

  9. Your tree looks so beautiful! I love that all the ornaments have special memories attached to them. I collect Hallmark ornaments and always hang icicles all over too! Your dining room looks gorgeous. I can tell you, like me, love blue. Have a nice day! Twyla

  10. Your tree is beautiful and you have such unique ornaments. How nice that your ornaments aren't just decorations but memories too.

  11. Hi Kim ~ I soooo loved being included in your tree trimming this year. And what a beautiful tree you have. I love all your decorations...and the memories that go along with them.


  12. Hi Kim, Beautiful decorating here!
    Very thought out! I can hear the music playing as you trim your tree! Thanks for visiting my blog, and I'm so glad you like the soup!

  13. Your decorating is fabulous! I love your ornaments. I'm all for having a fake tree because I can just get it out and start decorating it when I'm ready. My husband is a REAL tree lover, and since moving to North Carolina he insists on driving up to the mountains to pick one out. I go with him, because the one time I let him go alone, he brought back a tree that was at least 20 foot tall. Needless to say, I didn't have enough ornaments nor a tree stand big enough. We refer to it as "The Year of the Redwood."
    Thanks for visiting my blog! It's nice to hear from a fellow North Carolinian.

  14. Kim,

    Your kind comments meant so much to me.

    Thank you.


  15. Great job with your decorations! I like the stove ornament a lot. It's so cute. :)

  16. I WANTED a fake tree forever! My husband wouldn't hear of it! I finally got my way and now I get to keep it up so much longer! Love the ornaments...adorable!

  17. Thank you for opening up your home to us. I love it! Trimming the tree tutorial is cute and I agree about the pine scent. We gave up on the real tree thing for the first time last year and I miss the smell. I have holiday wreath tart going while I decorate and when I'm not, lol. I unify my tree with lots of glittered snowflakes.

  18. Oh...what a wonderful post...I love your beautiful tree, and your ornaments, especially the vintage fridge and stove....too cute! I am a slow-poke this year, too! Your blog is wonderful, by the way...


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