Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dear Mr. Rain,

I know that you have a very important job to do. For without you we wouldn't have beautiful green lawns and pretty flowers to look at. Without you there would be no shade to sit in on a hot, sunny day and our fruit trees and vegetable gardens would dry up and die. Trust me I appreciate you and know we couldn't live without you.

However, I don't quite know how to tell you this . . .
But, I think you need a rest now. After a solid week I imagine you are getting tired and weary. Aren't you???
The weather has warmed up and it is time for picnics on the patio (hint hint ;-)

While I do appreciate not having to fill up the fountain as often, I really need to plant those last 2 flats of vinca . . . before they drown.
Because I do appreciate you and don't want you to wear yourself out, may I make a suggestion?
Why don't you take a little vacation. You've been working very hard. I'm sure Mrs. Sun would be more than happy to fill in for you a while. Then after you are all rested up you can come back for a visit.

Only keeping your best interests in mind . . .



  1. Rain or not...your yard is looking most lovely! May you be enjoying sunshine soon...and finishing your planting. I have to google 'vinca'...not sure what that might be.

  2. Come on out to the High Desert ... perfect weather now!

  3. We are so happy to be out of the drought of the past couple of years...but some sunny days would be nice for a change! It's so dark in our house this morning! lol

  4. Kim everything looks beautiful.Hope you have a great day! Blessings, Faye

  5. I'm ready for some sun again too. We had lots of rain, then a couple days of sun and then right back to cloudy days and rain. Lots of fog the last couple of mornings too.
    Your yard looks so nice - rain or shine!!

  6. You have a very nice way of saying "Get lost!"

  7. I would guess that English and Composition classes were your favorites in High School. You have a gift of communicating in an interesting way that makes reading your blog something I always look forward to. What a fun way to express your "tired of the rain" thoughts. I like to plant Vinca too. It is so colorful. Maybe tomorrow the sun will come out...

  8. Yes, Mr. Rain, please take a break. We've had enough rain to last us for awhile now. Today the sun is peaking through, what a delight!

    Enjoy your day, Kim!

  9. I feel your pain. Rain everyday here for a week. I saw a man at Lowe's asking for wood by the cubic ft. lol

  10. LOL! I live in a rain country and one year it started to rain and stopped 13 months later. See a week is not so bad. :-) Humm...with wellies and a yellow raincoat and hat, you could just go out and plant those flowers even in the rain. But never fear, Mr. Sun will reappear.

    Have a wonderful weekend. It is a long holiday weekend again here in Holland. We now have Monday off for 2nd WhitSunday. Last Thursday, we have off for Ascension Day.

    Hugs ~


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