Thursday, June 18, 2009

Breaking My Own Rules

Poor Peanut has been a sick doggy this week. After 3 days of little energy, no appetite and a very noisy tummy it was time for a trip to the vet. Not to mention mopping floors and spot cleaning carpets and rugs is getting a bit old, if you get my drift.

Who knew that dogs can get colitis?? I sure didn't. But poor Peanut is suffering from a pretty bad case. No wonder she has been feeling so poorly. Between all the rain and gray days we've been having and worrying about my puppy I have been in a major "blog fog". Too gloomy to take decent pictures and no inspiration for anything to blog about. So, I'm breaking my own rules. While I have declared my blog award free/tag free I am going to participate in a tag. I figure since a reader who lives all the way in Malaysia thought of me the least I could do is respond. So, here goes.

I have been tagged by Royal T Lady to list 6 uninteresting things that make me happy and to pass it on.

Here are the directions:
Blog your 6 items, then pass tag along to 6 other bloggers. They just need to link back to you. Blog their 6 items, tag 6 others and so it goes. Be sure to visit their blogs to inform them that they have been tagged if they would like to participate.

Here we go. You may need a sip of coffee to stay awake now gals.

1. A good hair day. It seems like I am forever messing with my hair in the morning and rarely satisfied with the results. So, on that rare day when it comes out nice it is enough to make me happy all day.

2. Going to bed at night and truly feeling like I did the best I am capable of.

3. Clean kitchen counters. If my counters are cluttered I feel like I start to shut down. My husband and I differ on this so it is a constant battle around here. However, when I do manage to get all the clutter cleared away I am one very happy camper.

4. Scented candles.

5. Babies and small children. Well, actually all of God's smaller creatures. Baby birds, puppies, kittens, etc., etc.

Are you still with me??

6. I would say reading blogs because that makes me very, very happy. But, we know that it is definitely NOT uninteresting. So, let's see . . .
I guess I will have to say that right now it is a very happy day for me when my mom is having a good day. With Alzheimer's we never know what to expect on any given day so if she is having a good day that is enough to put a smile on my face.

Now, since I find it very hard to single out people to tag I will just say that if you would like to participate, please do. If you do, please let me know as I would be very interested in reading your answers.
Thank you for reading along today.
In parting I will leave you with a picture of one of the magnolias blooming in my yard right now. These are one of my favorite things about gardening in the south. Hey, by the way, there is #7. I love when the magnolias bloom.


  1. She is feeling so cute, sorry to hear she is cute. Hope she feels better with her meds.

  2. I hope Peanut feels better soon. I know it is stressful when we have sick children or pets!

  3. Nice list! I enjoyed reading it. I have felt that way about my home...feeling as if I am shutting down when it's not quite up to snuff...too often lately.

    You made your blog tag free as well? Ohhhh I knew not to go that far. I enjoy playing an occasional game of tag.

    The magnolia is lovely...hope your little pup is feeling better very soon. No, I didn't know that dogs could get colitis. Guess that they can get about anything going...poor little thing.

  4. Dear Kim,

    So sorry to hear the your little Peanut is not feeling well! Hope she feels better soon!


  5. I may be a bit odd, but I found this to be an interesting post. I really enjoy learning to know new things about my friends and their personalities. Thanks for sharing and breaking your rules. I am sure a smile on your mother's face would bring great joy to your day. I can't imagine that joy. I'm with you on the clean counter smile.

    I am sorry for Peanut. Hopefully she soon feels much better.

  6. Sorry to hear about Peanut. Beau gets a tummy problem from eating something sometimes and his stomach makes horrible noises.
    I'm pretty much like you on the common practices with the exception of "babies". Guess I've become much to familiar with what they become when they grow up!
    Thanks for commenting on my kitchen.

  7. Oh poor little Peanut - I hope she feels better soon.
    The magnolia is beautiful!!
    Nice reading your list. :-)

  8. I like reading random facts about people, too - just nosy, I guess! I think pets get a lot of the same lousy stuff that we do. My poor cat had pancreatitis, and that was definitely no fun for her, but she pulled through. Hope Peanut is on the mend!

  9. Hi Kim, I hope your little peanut starts feeling better soon. I will say a little prayer.I likeed reading about your uninteresting things. It was fun to get to know you better. I hope your weekend goes well and your little pooch is on the mend.

  10. YOUR hydrangia are gorgeous! I am sooo sorry to hear your doggy is sick...I hope she gets better soon....cherry

  11. Hope your doggy is better real soon. I hope your Mom is doing well, too.
    We are getting several days of sunshine in a row and that helps the blues. One draw back is it came with 100 degree temps. lol

  12. I'm sorry Peanut has been so ill. I had a dog of the same name growing up, same breed too. Looks like deja-vu when I see a pic of your dog!

    Hope she's better real soon (and by the way, I'm with you on the clean kitchen counters). :)

  13. Poor little Peanut. I hope she is feeling better now. It's no fun having a sick baby. I'm with you, when the hair cooperates, everything runs smoother. Wish I could win the battle of the clutter free counter:) That picture of your magnolia blossom is beautiful! Hope you have a very nice day! Twyla

  14. Kim,

    You did it so well!!! Wonderful.

    Counter clutter free? I could not join in...

    Sorry I overlooked... your blog is tag free? But you just broke your rule...OR did I do it? lol.

  15. Sorry about your puppy my friend..hope she's better by now...May you have a great weekend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria


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