Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hydrangea Happiness

Hey Tweet
Yes, Pete.
Have you seen what's new in the backyard?
The hydrangeas are blooming and you know what that means around here, don't you?

How could I forget?

She always gets a little too happy at hydrangea time, doesn't she?

Oh yeah, but let's hope she doesn't expect us to be a part of it.
Yeah, let's.

Drats, I knew we couldn't get out of it that easy.
Just sit still & smile. With a little luck it will be over in no time.

I don't know about that ~ she lit the candles. This could take hours.

Let's hope not, but that candlelight is kinda romantic. Don't you think?
Oh geez, you chicks are all alike.

Well, isn't that pretty?
It's okay, what time is it???

Time for you to relax and be present in the moment.
Oh brother. I'm getting tired of sitting here. Not to mention hungry. Where is the food around here. How can you set a table and not include food??

Is that all you ever think about???
No, but unlike you I don't eat like a bird.
Well, now that you mention it I am getting a little hungry too and I'm getting sleepy.
I hope this is over soon or else I may fly away.

Oh, forget it. I'm too tired to fly.


  1. So pretty! I love the candle holder on the hydrangea leaf. This is a gorgeous setting.

  2. Oh your table scape and your flowers are beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed my visit today!

  3. What a pretty and fun post! Perfect for your home. :)

  4. How funny! I love hydrangeas, too! They are my favorite flower...yours are lovely! Cute birds, too! lol

  5. Gorgeous blue hydrangeas, soft candlelight, an elegant tablescape, and someone who has the ability to capture my attention, by the way she've got it all in this post my friend. Love it!!

  6. Oh your poor starving birdies!!! Could you set them on a piece of least it would be something!!
    Your hydrangeas are gorgeous! I love them, although none grow here...Your tablescape is lovely, even IF there is no food!

  7. If my hydrangea ever looks like that, I think I'll have a heart attack! I've never even had a bloom!
    Your table is beautiful and your birds are funny. I enjoyed the whole production. Thanks for the humor and the beauty.

  8. You sure set a pretty table, lady. I love the flowers and dishes. The birds are too cute! Cute post!

  9. Wow, what a picture post! Loved it. So bright. Love birds and flowers!


  10. Such a beautiful table setting! Love all the blue and the hydrangeas are gorgeous!!!
    Great post!!

  11. Hydrangeas...yes! They are my favorite...and not quite ready to bloom out Im most happy that I stopped by your 'happy home' for my fix. Beautiful!

  12. I would get happy too if I had such beautiful hydrangeas. Your table setting is just lovely. Have a wonderful weekend! Twyla

  13. Cute post and beautiful hydrangeas!


  14. Your table setting is so pretty! And a tweet story
    to go along with your post.

  15. Hi Kim,

    You hydrangeas are beautiful - how adorable to use the leaf as a candle holder.

    Your hadrangeas grow much bigger in North Carolina than ours in California and are fabulous - everything is an inspiration for a painting.
    Have a lovely week,

  16. What an absolutely lovely tablescape. I just love all of the blues. I have never seen a pitcher or creamer quite like those. What a great idea to put a leaf under a tea light. Everything is just beautiful ♥

  17. Your hydrangeas made me happy, too!

  18. What a cute post. Your table and hydrandeas are beautiful!

    Enjoy your week!

  19. Wow - beautiful blue hydrangeas! Mine are all pink. You set a beautiful table and I love the little scenario between your two birdies! Lovely pictures!

  20. I love the blue hydrangea too, my daughter used the blue hydrangea in her wedding. Your table is lovely and so full of everything pretty.
    I enjoyed your post.
    Have a great day,

  21. Kim,

    Fabulous! I was lucky I came by... I felt like I was in love a little ago... I love blue color. Its so soothing and pleasant.

    Great post. Awesome pictures.

  22. I am delighted you are going to visit Monticello! You will not be disappointed! It was my Feb 10 th post. I do hope you enjoy it like we did and get an excellent docent.
    Your hydrangea's are so pretty! we can not grow them here so we get to enjoy each other's flowers!:-)
    Have a fun trip!
    Can you direct us to an interesting area of the North part of NC I'd love it. We visited the outer banks last month, on a cold and windy day. Everyone wore winter coats. It wasn't what we expected and was probbaly not the place we should have gone to on that type of day!

    Again enjoy your trip!


  23. Everything looks so pretty. Love the flowers and the tablescape.

  24. Dear Kim,

    I have tagged you to play "6uninteresting things that make me happy." If you would like to do please go to my blog for today 6/18/09 for directions.


  25. So tweet...oops...sweet. :-) You really do love your hydrangeas Kim as you have dishes and table linens to match them. Just beautiful!

    I started a new blog and hope you can come by to say hello.

    Hugs ~

  26. Hi Kim
    What a cute post and in my favorite color. Aren't the hydrangeas beautiful this year? Must be all the rain we've had. Hope you're staying cool in this heat!
    ((hugs) Rhondi

  27. I love your Bluebird accessories....could you tell me where you got them??


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