Saturday, June 6, 2009

Memories of D-Day

June 6, 1944


Today I am pausing to reflect on this day in our history.

I hope you will too.

65 years ago was long before my time.

But not his.

My dad played an important part of this moment in history.

From June 7 to September 25, 1944 he participated in the aerial flights dropping ammunition and supplies to the soldiers on the ground. They stood in the open doorways of airplanes as the planes swerved violently as they were being shot at by enemy fire.

He was 21 years old. My youngest son is now 21.

It wasn't until the end of his life that Dad ever talked about his war experiences. He was one of the kindest, gentlest and funniest men I have ever known. When we went through his belongings we came across this old, folded up piece of paper. It is the letter that accompanied his Air Medal for his participation in this time in history. I now have it framed and displayed next to a few remaining photographs and his I.D. bracelet.

I guess because Dad never talked about this time in his life, I rarely brought it up. But, when he was fighting another battle in his life, cancer, I saw the movie "Saving Private Ryan". After seeing it I was really struck by the horrors of what he had been through. I sat down and wrote him a long letter expressing my thanks to him and my never ending appreciation to him for being a perfect father to me and an equally perfect grandfather to my children. My Mom later told me he cried. He also went to see the movie and said it was a very adequate portrayal of what it was really like.

Of course I miss my Dad and always will. But, I will always be glad that I wrote that letter before it was too late.


  1. Kim, What a heartfelt tribute to your dear Dad. This morning my husband and I watched a short documentary on D-Day. It was very thought provoking. I am so thankful for your Dad and the many, many brave men who gave their lives for our freedom. I love that you had an opportunity to write that letter to your Dad, and that he was able to see his heroism from a daughter's point of view. May we NEVER forget!!

  2. Thank you for introducing us to your dad. He sounds like a brave and wonderful person. How proud you must be of him. Twyla

  3. Dear Kim,
    Thank you for sharing your Dad's story with us!
    Have a blessed weekend!

  4. Kim, the Lord blessed you with a wonderful dad. All dads aren't honorable and fine like yours. I'm so glad to hear about him. Sounds like he had a pretty special daughter too. I'm glad you got the opportunity to tell him what a difference he made. Thanks for sharing him with us.

  5. A great tribute to your Dad and such a touching story!! Sounds like you had a very special Dad and he a special daughter.

  6. What a wonderful story, Kim, and a beautiful tribute.


  7. What a wonderful tribute to your Dad. God bless all our troops!

  8. What a nice tribute to your dad! How thoughtful of you to put your thoughts on paper for your dad...while there was still time.

    I heard a lot in the media about D-Day yesterday...and have a hard time wrapping my mind around what those soldiers went through. May we never forget their contribution and sacrifice.

  9. Never so much owed by so many to so few...

  10. This was a very touching post and I know you are SO glad that you did that. I tell my kids all the time, that you will never regret the time you spend and the blessings that you say to your loved ones, but you may always regret those things that you DON'T do. A good reminder to us all to get in all the time, the talks, and the love with our families and dear friends before they are no longer with us.

    Good for you. I know it meant alot to your dad. You probably made not only his day, but his whole life. We all need to know that our lives lived are a blessing to our families and that we did "matter".

    You have encouraged me to make sure that I do that in my own life. THank you -

  11. What a great, sweet tribute to your Dad. I'm sure you miss him very much.
    Thanks for sharing!

  12. You Dad sounds like a sweet, kind and very brave man, not to mention a wonderful husband and father. Thank you for sharing him with us!

  13. I am so glad I read you post today... My dad was in Europe with Patton's third during this time and 19 years of age.
    What hero's they all are to me and being part of a horrific war!
    God bless you dad and all those who served.
    My dad never did talk to us about the war...he couldn't. I didn't even know of his two purple hearts until I read his abituary in the paper...
    I am glad you wrote the letter to your dad before he died. I have learned so much since and wish i now had the opportunity to write and let my dad know of the hero he is to me. He died at 61 years of age.
    Thanks KIM!

  14. Such sweet memories of your Dad. A wonderful tribute from a loving daughter.
    I think in our Fathers generation they did what they had to do and think a thing about it. It was there duty to their Country and to them self's. I very proud man your Dad.
    Take care and enjoy your day,

  15. Hi Kim:
    I enjoy your blog and wanted to let you know that my 10 yr old Chocolate lab has colitus also. She does fine on a special, (expensive) diet of Purina vet formula foods and the addition of two crushed pepto bismol tablets at each meal. Hope that your Peanut is doing better. Dogs sure grab our heart.


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