Friday, September 11, 2009

Fall Color Change ~ Not Just For The Leaves

As the beautiful season of autumn approaches ...

Color changes aren't only for the leaves.

What was once all blue is now lovely shades of
green, plum & a touch of blue.
So nice in a crystal vase in my living room.
You remember, the one that doesn't lend itself to traditional fall colors.


I've been busy as a bee around here getting ready to help my sister-in-law with her garage sale. Today is pricing day & Saturday the sale begins ~ at 7 a.m. Yikes, I'd better get to bed early.
If you haven't signed up for my 100th post giveaway there is still time. Scroll down to the previous post to read all about it.

I'll be seeing you on Monday when the winner will be announced.
Have a Happy Weekend!!


  1. Good luck with the garage sale this weekend.
    Hope you make money and have fun.

  2. The flowers are gorgeous whatever the season's colors.
    Have fun at your sale. I hope you do good.

  3. It is great weather here for a garage sale but I am to lazy to have one. Hope yours is wonderful. Good luck .

  4. Hydrangeas are as gorgeous in summer or fall! Thank you for sharing that little bit of loveliness with the rest of us. Hope you have great success with the garage sale! = )

  5. So pretty...those flowers do really go through a change don't they? Beautiful photos :-)

  6. Hydrangeas are my favorite flower for making arrangements! I love the varied colors! I went to Michael's and bought a bag of the plastic leaves to put all around a candle! Thanks for posting about them!

  7. Good luck on the garage sale! It's finally raining in south Texas, not a good weekend here for a garage sale.

    Beautiful flowers!!!

    Have a good and successful weekend...

  8. Good luck with the sale! Your flowers are so beautiful! Have a nice weekend! Twyla

  9. I wish we had garage sales in Greece. Good luck with yours. Lovely flowers!

  10. Hope your garage sale was a good one! I love hydrangeas! No wonder my daughter used them in her wedding bouquet.

  11. I am thinking that you probably had a successful garage sale because you truly have a gift for taking ordinary things and adding beauty to them. So, when I picture your garage sale, that is how I pictured it. Which leads me to think you probably had a very successful garage sale. It is so much about presentation in many areas of life.

    Your flowers are so pretty! Thank you for sharing them.

    Hope your day is a good one, and the giveaway will definitely bless someone's life today.

  12. I love the way the hydrangeas change color although I like them best when they are blue. :)


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