Thursday, September 24, 2009

Giveaway Winner ~ Round Two

Ten days have come & gone since I announced the winner of my giveaway. Since I have been unable to contact her, I found it necessary to choose another winner. So, without further ado,
the winner is . . .


Congratulations to HappyOne!!
Since entering the giveaway HappyOne has changed her blog to Karen at Life Is Good.
If you have visited her before you will be familiar with her positive, upbeat attitude about life. If you haven't visited her, I encourage you to stop by for a visit. Every morning she takes a long walk and often shares pictures of the sights she sees along her walks. Sometimes when I'm feeling lazy about my exercise I will think to myself "if Karen can walk six miles every day, the least I can do is take my 2 mile walk" I am constantly amazed at how we inspire each other through the blog world. It sure is a place filled to the brim with inspiration.
Karen, please e-mail me with your address so that I can get your package in the mail.
Now that it's officially Fall ~ Happy Fall Y'all!!


  1. Oh Kim, you have made my day. Thanks so much, I'm so happy to have won your give-a-way. :-)
    Thanks too for your kind words.
    I love your blog!!

  2. How true! We do get insired by other people in blogland and hopefully we are inspirations, too.

  3. GM Kim, Congrats to Karen..sorry you could't find the other one that dies happen...I love Karen user name and will have to go pay her a visit...I want to find out how she became the Happy One...I became Happy To Be after surviving cancer twice...every day I wake up now I'm just Happy To Be ha ha!! May you have a great day my friend....Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  4. Congratulations to lucky Karen. What a nice gift she will receive. People with discipline like hers, inspire me also.

    Thank you for your kind comment about my new blog look, and all of your sweet comments each week. It is a blessing to know you.

  5. Congrats to Karen! I have been reading her blog for a few months and she does have a positive attitude.

    I love Gooseberry products ..they are so cheerful!

  6. How sweet! You always find the most perfect gifts!

  7. What a beautiful blog with gorgeous photos! It really made me happy! I warmly invite you to visit me anytime at my country garden blog! Hugs and happy days, Gwyn

  8. Hi - just happened onto your blog from Life in Wakefield - anyway - enjoying it so far - your kitchen looks so pretty - mine is more like your cute blog design - DELIRIOUS -

    Is it ok if I copy the quote there? Is it yours or did you find it somewhere? I was thinking of making a sign to put on the wall as you enter my kitchen :) Come visit my blog if you have a moment and you may see quickly why my kitchen stays DELIRIOUS :)

  9. CAB,
    I read and appreciated your comment. I tried to come to visit you, but I was unable to access your profile and therefore, couldn't get to your blog. The quote on my blog about the delirious kitchen was part of the layout I chose from Scrappin Blogs.

    Thanks for your visit.

  10. Thanks :)

    I appreciate you letting me know about the quote!

    Stop by sometime :)


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