Friday, September 18, 2009

Fall Comes To The Family Room

It's been a gray, rainy week here in my area of North Carolina. Not the nicest kind of weather to be out & about in. So, when I didn't have to go out ~ I stayed in. One day I played around in the family room.
I started by draping a fall garland across the mantle.
This one lights up. It runs off of a battery pack and even has a timer. The other day I walked in the door after returning from work and the first thing that caught my eye was the warm glow of the lights shining orange, green & yellow. It was such a warm welcome on a rainy day.

The shelves were cleared of their summer finery and a touch of fall was added.

I went with a bit of a Fall Gardeny Theme.

Oak leafs, acorns & birdies.

More birdies & a bird house with a leaf for it's roof.

Another leaf ~ this one made of North Carolina pottery.

A cozy faux candle lamp & a gray squirrel.

More squirrels and some faux acorns. I really want to take a walk through the woods and collect some real acorns. I guess that will have to wait until the rain stops falling.

This morning has dawned as another rainy, gray day. My grass seed is loving it. Me ~ not so much. Luckily I have a very busy day ahead of me. But, when the last dinner dish has been done I am looking forward to a cup of orange spice tea and a good book. Hmm . . . maybe these rainy days aren't so bad after all :-)
On another note, I still have not been able to make contact with the winner of my giveaway ~ Miss B. If anybody knows how I might contact her, please let me know. If I am unable to locate her by Wednesday, September 23rd I will draw another name and that person will be the winner.


  1. Kim, thanks so much for stopping my by blog, I appreciate your comment!
    I love your autumn deocrations, those porcellain birds are especially beautiful.
    I'll be stopping by more often.
    xo country girl

  2. We are having the fog and clouds ...and rain here in the mountains, too! Gall is my least favorite season even though I love all the pretty things and beautiful colors. So I try to decorate and have lights and candles all aglow. You have arranged things in such a pretty way and not cluttered like mine! lol I think I will try to thin out my shelves. I bought the plastic leaves at Michael' that where you found the acorns?

  3. I love your new banner and background and your autumn decoration looks lovely!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Comments make me happy.

  4. We've been having a pretty gray week too.
    I would love to have a tour of your house. I love how you decorate it!!
    Like your new blog look too. :-)

  5. GM Kim, girl this all looks wonderful and do tell where did you get the garland with the lights...I think I need that ha ha!! Love all your fall touches that you did and a hot tea and a good book sounds awesome...May you have a great weekend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  6. miss B will be so disapointed in not getting her winnings. I wish I could help . The Fall decor. looks great . You have a lovly home.

  7. I adore all your autumn touches in your home...very warm & cozy!


  8. I just ordered a Fall garland with lights in it. Now I am soooo glad. I can't wait to get it. Your decorations are so sweet. I am getting there - slowly!

  9. It is lovely! I love the small touches of blue as well. Nice job!

  10. Kim, everything looks great. Love all the warm colors of Fall. Love how you did your shelves and mantel.
    Where did you get the lights with batteries. I love it!

  11. Hi Kim ~ I love how you've looks so warm and inviting..making me just want to curl up with a throw and a good book!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. How nice! Very cozy and warm. I took collect birds...I love yours.

    I can't wait to get started this weekend with my fall decorating!

  13. That garland is too cute...I would love to find some like that!!! Looks very Fall-like at your house..I like it :-)

  14. I love your new blog look, especially the header picture! You did a great job in creating a cozy, down home, "want to visit again" type look.

    As for this post, it is beautiful! The leaves with the little lights, the adorable porcelain birds, and the feeling of Fall that radiates from each picture. What a special visit for me on this Friday afternoon.

    Hope your weekend is an enjoyable one.

  15. Everything is looking lovely & like fall at your place! What a cozy place to be when it is wet and grey outdoors. It is still feeling like summer out our way...and so I have put off my fall decorating.

  16. Kim, I didn't even recognize your blog! Of course I loved the hydrangeas, but this is wonderful. I think I like your fall decor as well as the wonderful Christmas collectibles you've assembled. The new header is great; did you take that picture? I like it. Yes, your home has definitely taken on the fall look and feel. I like that idea of a book and a warm drink. We could use some moisture. I bought the Autumn cookbook that you gave away and need to sit and peruse and plan some menus and shopping lists. Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog; I need to hear stuff like that;)

  17. Oh how I love all your special touches of fall! = ) I've gotten just the slightest start on my fall decorating. Now I'm inspired to do a bit more. = )

  18. Love all the fall decor. If it is raining here again tomorrow, may have to get all my fall stuff out and dress up the house. So tired of the rain...need a lil sunshine.

  19. Your fall decorations are so beautiful! I love decorating for the different holidays/seasons. I have been in the mountains over the weekend and it really looks like fall up here! Take care and enjoy this rainy weekend. Love & blessings from NC!

  20. Kim, I loved looking at your beautiful fall decorations. I'm now in the mood to drag out my container with the beautiful autumn colors.
    Send some rain to south Texas..
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I always enjoy hearing from you.
    Have a great weekend!

  21. HiKim
    I love all the little touches that add a taste of fal to your home. I have that exact same little yellow birds planter!

  22. Hello Kim! Beautiful job making your home warm and cozy for Fall! Love it all! I can't even think about putting out Fall yet because we are still in 100+'s here in So. Ca. Yuck! Soon I hope. I love your darling banner!


  23. Kim, I love all your birds but my favorite thing is the pumpkin in the nest. What a great idea!


  24. Kim, the Fall decorations are wonderful! We only just got rain in our part of North Carolina! We haven't had rain in so long, it was welcome! Enjoy your weekend!

  25. I went to Michael's today but they didn't have the acorns. I sure hope they get some more in. I did get the little pumpkins though and they are cute, too. You find the neatest things! I should follow you around! lol

  26. Kim, Luv your Fall decor. It is my favorite time of the year. Glad someone is getting a little rain. Stop by when you can. Connie

  27. Your family room looks so warm and welcoming for the fall season. I love that Leaves fly south plaque. No, I'm afraid I don't know Miss B. Have a nice Sunday! Twyla

  28. Hi Kim! Back to the blogging world after two weeks vacation. It was great not to have DHs phone going off constantly even during meals. I loved being invited to join you in your family room. It all looks fabulously fall. Such a welcoming room.

    Hugs ~

  29. I like your fall look! So fresh and welcoming. I love rainy afternoons. The sound of the rain on the roof. The smell in the air. Now if I can just get a roof soon on the pergola, I'll be all set for rainy days!

  30. Hi Kim, I found you through Country Girl. Dawn and I have become very fast friends! We sure like all the same things.

    I really enjoyed all your autumn decorations. So charming and cozy.

    I'll stop by again soon.


  31. Hi Kim,
    I love all your fall decorating. Isn't it a wonderful time of year?


  32. How lovely,everything is so pretty and ready for fall. I just love it when I can spend time and play around the house too.I better get busy and decorate for fall.
    I enjoyed your post.
    Take care,

  33. There's something to be said for rainy days and hot cups of tea! My DH found some acorns and brought them home. I had to glue their little caps back on because as they dried they fell off. I like all your decorations!


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