Thursday, October 8, 2009

~ A Question For You ~

Today I have an important question for you to ponder ;-)

Just for a moment pretend that you live in a house with a lot of these.

They show up here.

They show up there.

Heck, they show up just about everywhere.

Pretend, also, that your sister-in-law who just moved into a new house and needs new rugs asked you to come to HomeGoods with her.

Pretend that you were just going along to help select rugs because you didn't need anything.

You especially didn't need another mug because your mug cupboard is filled to capacity. You have even given some away recently.

But, since they had no rugs that would work, you were forced to look around the store. You really didn't want to, but since you made the drive you might as well have a look ;-)
Then, you spot this. But, remember you don't need another mug. On the other hand you do love your morning coffee... and wouldn't it taste even better in a mug that coordinated so well with your decor?? And look ~ there's even a cute little tray that comes with it. Oh, and remember you are at HomeGoods where the prices can't be beat. Could you pass it up?
I didn't think so.


  1. I can see it's already on your kitchen counter so no arguing with that - yes, I would have bought it too. Enjoy your morning coffee with all your lovely birds.

  2. Hi Kim
    I couldn't have resisted it either! It is very cute. Hope you enjoy this beautiful day.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  3. Hi Kim.....Ha! No, I couldn't pass it up. It is the little things that make life so interesting and fun, isn't it?

    Barb ♥

  4. ~Lucky Dog~Lucky Dog~ I couldn't have passed that one by either. It perfect for your beautiful home.

    I am doing a Pay-It-Forward of white personally monogrammed (by ME!) linen hand towels that would go GREAT with all your pretty decorating. I hope you can stop by to participate. :D

  5. Of course I couldn't pass it up!
    Love all the little birds!

  6. A girl can only do what she can wasn't your fault they put that mug and tray there. You didn't tell them to do that! Why, you weren't even going to the store for, it HAS to be DESTINY! It was put there JUST for you. I understand!

  7. My answer is I think it looks like it fits perfectly into your home and decor, and you can think of it as a "Happy Wednesday" gift to you. I think your bird collection is a lovely one, with the many shades of blue that each one has.

    Wishing you a beautiful day!

  8. Nope. You did the right thing. That sweet mug is going to make you smile every time you use it. When and if you're ready to part with it, you'll do so happily. Fun post!

  9. I don't think I could pass it up. Love the bird mug and tray, it's so pretty. Home Goods is the best!

    Enjoy your day, Kim.


  10. And we don't have a Home Goods! But we do have a Marshalls and a Ross. And even if they don't happen to have what I'm shopping for, I feel compelled to just have a little look-see...

  11. I've pondered the thought..... and "no'..... you couldn't leave this wonderful tray and mug behind. Enjoy!

    I sure enjoyed your lovely birds......

  12. Good job. If you had not of not bought it you would of thought about it for days. "Why didn't I buy it? "or "I wish I had of got it." Now you can rest easy.

  13. Don't look at me to pass it up. My blog is called "Bird Nest Cottage". I can't get enough birds or nests. Did they have more? LOL

  14. A little birdie told me you didn't resist...and I agree, I wouldn't have either!

    Cute post.

    Sweet bird mug and tray.

    Thanks for posting!

  15. It's absolutely perfect! I would not be able to resist!

  16. Of course you had to buy it. It's just perfect!

  17. You did the right thing! That's how we find our dearest treasures...when we aren't really looking.

  18. Hi Kim,
    You can never have enough of what makes you happy!. I keep telling myself where would I put another teacup, I always find a place and so do you. I love your new bird mug.
    enjoy your day,


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