Friday, January 22, 2010

A Random Week

On this Friday evening as I wait for my husband to return from a business trip, my thoughts turn to you ~ my friends. Today I had lunch with my sister-in-law and then a quick trip through HomeGoods. As we looked at different items for sale, I was amazed at how often I said "the bloggers would do this, or the bloggers do that." For instance, she liked a few framed paintings, but said she didn't care for the black frame. So, I said "you could spray paint it ~ that's what all the bloggers do." I'm wondering if any of you have thoughts or conversations like that? Or am I just a little weird? (Please don't answer that :) My sister-in-law may think that as she is not into blogging. However, she asked me to show her what a blog was and I did. She liked what she saw and often says why don't you take a picture of this or that and put it on your blog. My husband says that too. I often find him reading my blog at night. I think it's kind of cute. It makes me think that blogging is contagious even for those who don't want to start their own blog.

Anyhow, when my husband went on his business trip he took my laptop and my camera. As all bloggers know, that is cause for anxiety :-)

Fortunately, I have still been able to stop by and visit you on my old computer. As I was visiting blogs today it occurred to me that I had some photos stored here. So, this post is being put together with some old photos. I fear it may be a bit random too.
I do hope you all had a good week & your weekend holds the possibility for happiness and fun.
My week consisted of continuing on my mission to put my home on a diet and clean up as I went along.

Since the new year began I have been reading a lot. At least one hour per day. Believe it or not this was an order from my doctor. After the stress of last year, I thought it a good idea to have a complete physical. I tend to hold my stress inside of me. The doctor said I had to spend one hour per day doing something totally relaxing. For example: yoga, tai chi, taking a bath or reading. He stressed that if it was reading it should be something like a novel ~ no politics, etc. I asked him how many days a week I should do this. He adamantly said "every day of the week." It may sound easy, but some days I have to make a real point to do it. Even though I do enjoy reading, it's amazing how often I felt like I was being lazy to just sit and read.

I am also on a mission to eat only healthy food. I have always been very health conscious, but there were some things discovered in my physical that needed to change. The doctor was ready to prescribe medicine, but I don't want to go there. She explained that sometimes it doesn't matter how much you exercise or how well you eat if your family medical history isn't so good. Let's just say that right now I am mad at my family medical history. I am doing everything in my power to avoid medicine, but time will tell in this instance.

These pictures are from last April when I visited our local botanical gardens (aka: Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens). I had intended to do a post on the visit, but it never happened. So, perhaps some pretty flowers would appeal to you now in the dead of winter.

I told you this post could be a bit random ...

And I delivered on that promise ;-)
In case I haven't told you lately ~ you all are a very important part of my day and I ♥ you.
Be back next week ~ with a bit less randomness.


  1. I thought maybe I was crazy...cuz I think in "blog" in a headline name, or suddenly thinking of something I could write about and running like crazy for the computer so I can save the idea and not forget it!

    I feel for you on the family history...mine (what I do know of it!) is TERRIBLE! I was told my high blood pressure might be nothing that can be helped...I HATE THAT. I hope you can avoid medication in any way possible!


  2. Girl, I talk about the bloggers all the time. I mean ALL the time! My husband asks me, what new in blogging it Tablescape Tuesday or Thursday now? It is sooo funny. Don't have kids to take care of anymore, but I have my blog to attend to!!! I think it may take even more time!!

  3. Kim, your warm weather pictures "act on me like a tonic!" HAHA!(A famous line from Mr. Kennedy to Scarlett in "Gone With the Wind".)
    I've given up reading for awhile and turned instead to puzzles; the kind you put together on a card table. Jigsaws. I'm not sure it was a good trade. I'm obsessive about getting it finished and I have back pain and a 'crick' in my neck:) I was working on curtains but now I can't stop working on the puzzle! I'm trying not to listen to any news for awhile. If you read my latest blog, you know why!
    Later, Debbie

  4. I think of my fellow bloggers all the time is funny that way. My daughter will say, "Who are you talking about mom?"

    I reply, "Oh my friend"

  5. I find myself repeating something I read on a blog by saying something like "a friend of mine did this...." and then I stop myself and say...wait...I don't even KNOW this person! Yes, I'm sure my family thinks I'm totally weird because I think and talk in blog all the time!
    Glad you are taking care of yourself Kim. It's been a very trying year for you and you have to come order to take care of and care about others. Now if I'd just follow my own advise!

  6. Yes, I have those kinds of conversations. Some family members are very kind. Others are very unkind and make me feel as if I'm a loon. I really work hard at not discussing my cyber friendships with them, but wouldn't you just know that every now and then, something pops out that I hadn't planned to say. Mercifully, my husband is supportive. On the other hand, my grandmother worries that I'll be murdered in my sleep.

    You're a good girl to take care of yourself and visit the doctor and do what the doctor said. At an hour a day, you're going to roar through a lot of books and I think you'll love that.

    I very much enjoyed your eclectic post today, including the lovely and colorful flowers. Thank you!

  7. First Kim, let me say that you new blog design is adorable!

    I often catch myself saying the same things about bloggers, "The bloggers would paint that." "The bloggers would buy that for...." Also, I say, "I know I talk about the bloggers all the time but..." It's almost embarassing. :)

    Good job taking control of your health. I need to do the same.

  8. Your post turned out to not be so random at all. All the photos flowed nicely with your thoughts. Lovely photos of flowers, a statute of a girl relaxing and reading on a bench, eating healthy. It was lovely! After the first few months of blogging and then receiving comments, I remember I walked into a grocery store, here in Kuwait, and thought I saw Martha from Martha's Favorites who is in California. I never even told her this story -- but then I had to remind myself that I am in a whole nother country, thousands of miles away, and it surely wasn't her. You actually start to feel like you know people and could run into them on the street. Funny how the mind works! So of course, I don't think you are crazy. Wouldn't it be fun if your sister-in-law actually started a blog. None of my friends here have one, and I only have one friend here who checks in on me all the time. Everyone does Facebook but that's not for me. I should read every day -- my mission is to clean a little and craft a little every day. I started "Animal Vegetable Miracle" over the summer and now is just sits on the bedside table, waiting for me to pick it up again. I have a family history of heart disease on my dad's side. He had bypass surgery when he was 45 and I will be 44 next month. 5 years ago I changed my eating completely, lost 30 lbs and have kept it off, and try to walk most days. I certainly hope it is enough to curb any heart problems since I tend to take after my dad's side. It's time for an annual -- I keep putting it off. Well, see there -- I just told you my whole life story. HA! Hope you are having a fantastic weekend. :) Tammy

  9. Oh Kim, I understand exactly what your talking about with your thoughts on blogging. I find myself getting concerned about blogging friends when there's a big gap between their posts, and then I'm relieved when there's a post.
    There's such a variety of topics, information, concern...etc etc.; I feel blessed with blogging friends.

    My opinion..... you're on the right track, and it sounds like you have a good doctor, to suggest you reading. Relaxation, exercise and healthy eating is better than a lot of medications.

    I love your random post and your cheerful pictures!
    Have a relaxing weekend.

  10. Hello Kim! If you're crazy then I am too and many others I think. I like this reading every day habit. My laptop was 'dead' for about a week and I had more time to read. So I've decided to be less time online. Good luck with your healthy eating.

  11. I need to read more novels. There they are sitting dusty on the shelves. At night after my shower I lie down on my bed and go through the week's reading material. Time, Newsweek, etc. So some of it is politics, but I find it relaxing and it makes me sleepy. Random is good!

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. The flowers did appeal to me. They brightened my evening. Great post reminding us of what is really important. Our family, health and homes.
    I hope you're enjoying your read. I love to get into novels.

  14. great post and pictures. I am always saying one of my bloggers friends said this or done that. So we are all crazy. Crazy about or blogger friends.

  15. I think blog all the time. I take my camera with me every where just in case I see something for my blog. Lots of things remind me of certain blogger friends. When I see pretty blue things they remind me of you. :-)

    Good luck on your on your eating healthy. Hope you will be able to avoid taking medicine.

    Loved your random post.

  16. I really enjoyed your post today. And, yes, I do talk about my blogger friends just like I see them every day. Now, when I started walking around the house talking TO my blogger friends (to myself) then I better watch out. Someone may be watching with a straight jacket in hand. he he

  17. Pretty, pretty photographs, dear Kim. I'm glad you're taking time to read every day. "Not politics" is very good advice!! They aren't conducive to stress-busting, that's for sure. Take care. . .

  18. First of all, I missed you and I totally understand what you shared in this "random" and yet so interesting post today. I feel the friends I made in blogging are my good friends, and so often I find myself saying the same things as you mentioned. I was in Texas the last few days without my laptop, and I really missed it and my blogging friends. I never would have thought that these friendships would become such an important part of my life, as they have.

    As for the healthy eating, I agree with you. Both my husband and I are attempting to start new eating habits this year.

    As always, I have enjoyed my visit here to your blog, and the kind comments I find from you, on my blog. Thankful for you!

  19. I can totally identify with your thoughts on blogging...and mostly discuss anything blog-related only with my bloggy friends...since the rest don't really get it. My hubby likes to read my blog as well...and a few others that he links to...and also gives me blogging ideas from time to time.

    May you find 2010 to be stress free & healthy!

  20. Hi Kim,
    Your bit of random was good to read. Speaking of reading, I try to read some every day, mostly in the morning with my coffee. It's my quiet time.

    The flower pictures are beautiful. I am so ready for spring to be here.

    Take care,

  21. Hi Kim! I have that same picture of the orchid wall at DSBG!! I took it this Fall when I was there! I talk a "the bloggers" all the time too!


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