Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Flower Families


Young lady
Husband and Wife

Mom, Dad and the kids

Extended Family

Family Reunion

~ :-) Have a Happy Day :-) ~

Thank you for your part in making my birthday a Happy Day.



  1. I stopped by for just a second yesterday and was going to come back later for a birthday wish but didn't manage to. So Happy belated Birthday!
    beautiful flowers

  2. So sweet! Sweet blessings for your day!

  3. Kim, that's so cute! Made me chuckle. Now I'm thinking that I should do this with my mailbox...so completely charming!

  4. Aren't they beautiful, from start to finish? I even love the fuzzy seed heads! I was pretty excited to see this clematis because I think it's the exact same one that I have, and I've misplaced the tag telling me what it's name is. Do you happen to know? I guess it doesn't really matter, because it's gorgeous either way!
    Have a great day!

  5. Awww...Happy Belated Birthday! So sorry I missed it yesterday. Hope it was a lovely day.

    That clematis is beautiful! How perfect on your mailbox! = )

  6. So cute! Beautiful blooms.


  7. Hi Kim. Now that was cute. LOL! What a pretty clematis.

  8. Even your mailbox looks great!!
    I love the creative way you posted the pictures. :-)

  9. Happy late birthday! May the happiness last all the way to your next one! Annie Joy

  10. I just LOVED this post..Too cute. Oh my goodness, those flowers are SOOOOO beautiful. I loved the mailbox picture...

  11. I love those kind of family reunions!

    Sending you belated wishes for a Happy Birthday...and all the best in the year that lies ahead.

  12. Just dropped by after seeing you at Mourning Dove Cottage, and it's your birthday! Happy birthday!

    I love the clematis around the mailbox--lovely.

  13. Sorry I missed your birthday yesterday...... I hope you had a wonderful day. Happy Birthday!!

    What is the name of the vine? It is so beautiful!!!!
    What a sweet post of the flower family.

  14. Hi Kim,
    How pretty! and what a great way to greet your mail lady/man.
    And a very happy Birthday young lady!
    Have a wonderful week,
    Big hugs,

  15. I bet everyone driving by wishes they could stop in and visit such a creative lady with a green thumb. I would be so proud if I grew these beautiful flowers. This post made me smile...thank you!


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