Friday, August 20, 2010

A Sentimental Journey at the Kitchen Table

As I sit here today planning the menu for an upcoming event, my mind is wandering a bit.  One minute I'm pondering what would taste good at a late summer get-together, but I'm also pondering back to school time and kitchen tables.  I know ~ odd combination, right? 
I guess back to school time always seems to remind me of how fast time flies.  Even though my kids are grown and my nest has been empty on and off for a couple of years, I still find it hard to believe that this:

Is no longer this:

How the heck does that happen so fast??

The upcoming event I'm planning is a going away party for my son, Jeremy.  We have had the pleasure of having him in the nest for the summer, but next week he will be leaving for Australia to study abroad for a semester.  I am very happy for him and know that he is about to begin a wonderful chapter in his life.  I look forward to hearing about his adventures and learning experiences.  At the same time, I will miss him.  He is a joy to be around.
It will be a change to have the nest empty again.  Our older son, Mike, is living in an apartment now.
  We all know what they say about change.  It is good, right?

So, now that I've talked about my back to school thoughts, you may be wondering what all of this has to do with kitchen table thoughts. 
It seems after sitting at the table for so long as I was planning my menu and taking a sentimental journey, I was noticing that the table is showing it's age in places.  Hmmm... sounds like someone else around here :).  Once in a while I entertain thoughts of updating the kitchen table.  Perhaps with something like this:

On second thought I think I'll stick with what I have.  I'm not sure I could handle any more changes right now.


  1. awww...I can't even imagine. It makes me sad that Ethan is already 4! I can't imagine the day that he is gone. Jer is going to have an amazing time and you are an amazing mother. They will come back to you soon...xo

  2. I have four of those tall lanky 'boys'! And I do NOT know how the time passed so fast! They all live far away....and it can bring a tear to my eye just thinking of them! Think I'll go call one of them! heehee! Enjoy your weekend! ♥

  3. Kim, every time I sit at my table I am thinking that something must be done. It's a disaster so pardon my selfishness while I wish that you were going to do something. Oh, I can wait. Does that help? I've got time. :D

    Well now, yes, how did that handsome little guy get away? Thank God for pictures and memories... I love that I can "see" my children at any age. What a wonderful opportunity to go to Australia! All the best to him.

  4. Kim, yes our kids do grow up (when we don't know)it just happens! My girls are 27 and 29 already and married-YIKES when did that happen-LOL! I hope your son has a great semester in Australia and that you adjust well-HUGS to you!!

  5. You're right, Kim; too many changes are not always a good thing. I dunno' though, that white table set is really beautiful! But so is yours....oh....I'll stand behind your decision :D
    Time goes so quickly!

  6. Hi Kim ~ Oh how our kids grow up right before our eyes! The time just goes by so very fast. It is nice to have the time to sit at the kitchen table and ponder over all of those very special times that we have shared with our kids. Also, thank you for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment on my blog. Sweet weekend blessings to you.

  7. We can try to adjust to the change more day before we move my baby to's so bittersweet!!! I look forward to her adventures, but I sure will miss her around here!!!

    And i totally understand about the kitchen table!! all parts of it!

  8. So....... what have you decided to serve at the get together??? I'm sure it'll be good though.

    Pictures are so wonderful to look back on..... your little boy and now your grown up boy.... very handsome young man.

    We went to Australia once.... the scenery was so beautiful and the food was so delicious..... a lot of good seafood, which we love. He'll have a great time, I betcha.....

    It's funny, but the older you get, ... it seems like our children are getting as old as us...hmmmmm.

    Have a great weekend!

  9. The kitchen table and the memories that revolve around it. I understand your sentimentality and the difficulties involved in missing those who spent so many years around it. The one you have looks good to me, but then so does the one you are thinking about. Whichever one you decide on, I am sure you will continue to create memories and delicious meals for your family. As for your handsome son, I wish him the best in his privilege of being able to study abroad. I sure do agree with you on where or where have the years all gone?

    Wishing you a good weekend.

  10. Hi Kim,
    Your post about broke my heart...I understand how heart wrenching it is to look at our babies and realize they are grown. There are no words for it. Congrats to your son on such an exciting new time in his life!! Keep us posted!!

  11. I can totally relate. My girls are almost 22 and 27. Just seems like yesterday that they were in pre-school. Good luck to your son as he travels abroad to study. Good luck planning his going away party! Love & blessings from NC!

  12. Hi Kim, what a lovely post. I look at my soon to be 15 year old and wonder how he got so big, where did the years go, and when did I become 40-something. It's a little hard to comprehend at times. Although time does seem to fly, there are times when it stands still, but certainly not where are children are concerned.

    Tomorrow I am gonna try out those mint cookies. Best wishes, Tammy

  13. Oh, I know the feeling! But be encouraged - they do come back and the family does multiply!

    I so enjoyed your sentimental thoughts! Love that table you were eyeing. That would be my style-choice as well....but more important things to invest in these days!

    Great "getting to know you!"


  14. Hang in there mom, I know how it feels to have so many changes at once. One year we had 3 weddings in 3 months..nearly killed me! ;D

  15. Yes, change is good but it can also be an adjustment. I know you'll miss him but look forward to all the updates and interesting news.
    I was thinking of changing my dining room table. Big decision and lots of memories that go with it. It will come in time.
    I wish your son safe travels!

  16. Boy I can relate to the two pics of your son. Time goes slowly while you are moving thru it but way too fast went you look back.

  17. Hi there, I found you at Judy's place....Just A Little Something For You and came for a visit. You have a lovely blog.The blues in your banner picture are beautiful...I have the same "coffee" can! My daughter spent a semester in Germany two years ago and loved it. Hope your son has a wonderful experience. I'll be back!

  18. Change is good...but like you say, not too much at one time!

  19. Thanks for visiting! It's a pleasure to meet you! I agree, our kids grow up way too fast! Your blog is wonderful! Come by and visit anytime.
    Have a beautiful day!
    Love, Brenda

  20. When we brought our newborn son home, I was POSITIVE that those sleepless nights and those sleep-deprived days were going to be the hardest part of being a Mom. Wow, was I wrong! The hardest part is loving them so much and then letting them go. Our "newborn" is now a teen-ager, heading at the speed of light towards leaving the nest. I love who he has become - learning his opinions and watchng him grow into himself has been wonderful, but I still have those moments when I miss those "here are some flowers just for you" days. (Yes, you and I both know that dandilions are weeds - but because of my little boy, they'll always be my favorite "flower".)
    I know it's sad to be planning his "going away" party - but just imagine how fun that "welcome home" party planning will be!! :)

  21. Oh how exciting for him and you Kim. I'm sure it will be different but a wonderful thing as well.

    Enjoy the party!
    ~Melissa :)

  22. Hi Kim, I made your mint cookies today. Definitely need the chocolate to balance out the intensity of the mint. My kids are loving them (especially the melted chocolate part). My cookies totally stuck to the pan, even when I used baking spray. But managed to get most of them off okay. We will be visiting friends tonite so I will be taking a box of these cookies along with us. Thanks for sharing. I always love trying new recipes. Best wishes, Tammy

  23. Mine will be 18 in a few weeks...I would LOVE to have him little again! It certainly has gone by too fast. :(

  24. Kim, This post touches my heart because it is about kitchen tables. I adore them and have more than one throughout my house that are vintage. The thoughts of all the family meals at them just makes me weepy! Truly keep your table as it will be treasured in days to come. So glad you had your son home to visit, the nest always has room for returnees! Elizabeth

  25. They grow up far too quickly! I'm sure your son will have a wonderful time abroad...and he'll be back before you know it.

    I have a son Jeremy as well...and his second name is Michael! I guess we liked the same names.


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