Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Which Way Are You Leaning?

Is it hot in here, or is it me?

Now there's a familiar saying for women my age.
But this morning I'm hot melting for another reason.
I just came in from watering my garden, filling the bird bath and doing a bit of pruning.  Now I have to cool down before I can even think about facing the steamy shower.  We're headed for 95 degrees today.  I think I can honestly say that I am so.over.this.heat!!
As I've been visiting blogland, it seems there are some of us who wouldn't mind seeing summer end and others who are in no hurry for it.

I seemed to notice this same thing in the garden this morning.  Some of the flowers seem to be thriving.

In some cases they were doing better now than they've done all summer.

Although many are content that it is still hot, humid and, well ... summer.  There were others who seem to think they're also so.over.this.heat and are ready to bring on the cooler temperatures of well ... fall.
For instance, this beautyberry bush is beginning to change from green berries to light purple.  By September those berries will be a gorgeous shade of purple.

As I stood under the oak tree enjoying the shade it offered, I looked up and saw this.  Made me think the mighty oak is also ready to move on.

Looks like Mr. Dogwood might be ready to jump on the fall bandwagon.

Those don't look like summer colors to me ;-).

This plant was new to my garden this year.
It has looked a bit like an ugly weed, but I did have a reason for buying it.

The tag said it would grow little decorative pumpkins in the fall.

I guess it's no secret which way it's leaning.

How about you ~ which way are you leaning?


  1. I'd like to enjoy my summer in a cooler place for sure. But I'm not ready to face fall and it's following season yet! Beautiful plants!

  2. I want a cooler August. How's that for straddling the fence? Autumn is, however, my very favorite season.

  3. The older I get, the hotter I get, and I seem to be more ready for Fall each year. I love the Spring and Summer colors, but the cooler temps sure sound good!! If I just throw a lot of aqua in with the orange of Fall and the red of Christmas I'll be fine.

  4. Kim, I so want autumn and the cooler weather to arrive! My girlfriend just gave me a little sign that says " Prevent global warming. Eliminate hot flashes" . Something tells me I am stuck in a personal summer for a long while yet.

  5. Oh my! Those little pumpkins are just the cutest! I've never seen them grow on a bush like that! We had some ornamental pumpkins one year that grew on a big vine just like the big pumpkins! I love the beautyberry bush! I always forget what it's called! heehee! Stay cool! ♥

  6. I think I'm ready for Fall, Kim. This heat is melting me too.

    Love that little pumpkin. Do you know what the name of the plant is?


  7. I'll give you a clue: summer is my least favourite season (although schools are closed!) because of the heat.

  8. I've learned to just be happy with whatever weather we have because before long it will change anyway. :-)

  9. No doubt about it here. I am ready for Fall and Winter. This Summer has just been too hot for me, although I am so thankful for the air-conditioner. I like that plant that grows small pumpkins. I am sure you will do something creative with those. Beautiful photos.

  10. Hi Kim ~ I am so looking forward to Fall...my favorite time of the year! We have been so "HOT" and "HUMID" here this Summer! I also want to thank you for visiting my "little space" and for your sweet comments!

  11. Those little pumpkins are adorable. Autumn is my very favorite season also. I'd love for fall to last longer.

  12. Oh, I LOVE the pumpkin! I must plant those next year. I so wish I was seeing signs of fall. But alas, 95 degrees would be a cool day here.

  13. Oh my. I am really a winter girl. I LOVE winter and most people think I must be nuts.

    But I did enjoy your pictures and comments.

    But I am oh so ready for winter!!!

  14. It has been unseasonably cool in Southern California this summer. I'm afraid we might be in for a hot fall. It's my favorite time of year though so...I always leaning toward fall.

  15. Kim, your hibiscus is beautiful!! I love those little pumpkins on the one plant-so cute! I am now leaning towards Fall-the heat is unbearable here in Charlotte!

  16. I wish fall was around the corner! Another triple digit day here.

    Your garden looks pretty much like mine. My Beauty Berry is blooming and my dogwoods are starting to turn. I'm trying to keep my tomatoes going but they seem to be dormant right now!


  17. Your plants seem to being doing well in all this heat. I'm with you wanting cooler temps. but I hate when everything goes dormant or dead.
    I would love to be able to sit out and enjoy the yard but it's too hot!
    Michigan does have many beautiful areas.
    Thanks for your comments.

  18. I'm ready for fall! Been a prisoner of the house the last few days. The poor garden can't take this heat, it's looking puny. Your flowers still look lovely. All my purple coneflowers have faded to a pale ? I don't even know what color to call it!

  19. That's reallllly hard.... I love summer, but I don't like the high heat and humidity.... I want it to stay warm enough to enjoy the pool.....
    Pretty pictures!!!

  20. We never know when cooler temps will arrive around here. It is hot and humid mixed with light dust around these parts today. Not a great combination. Thank goodness I still have two weeks of pajama days before returning to work.

    Best wishes, Tammy

  21. Dear Kim, How wonderful your garden is with it's heat loving plants. The miniature pumpkins are so cute on the vine. I wanted to thank you so very much for the arrival of vintage cards in my mail box. What a kind and thoughtful gesture. They will be put to use very soon! Stay cool, I believe I am leaning with you! Elizabeth

  22. Beautiful photos Kim! Whew! It has been hot this summer. I'm ready for fall. :)


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