Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I have a confession to make ~
I like to peep in windows.
But, I'm not a peeping Tom.  I promise.
If I haven't scared you away, allow me to explain.
It's just that if I'm the passenger in a car and let's say my husband is driving and it's nighttime, I tend to notice lit up windows.  Now, let's also say we are driving through the country and the lit up house is one of those cozy farm-type houses.  Well . . . my imagination takes over as I begin to picture what life is like for the people who live inside that cozy place.  Have I mentioned that I think life on a farm sounds appealing to me?
I'm not sure why as I've only spent time on a farm once in my life.  I was a kid then and this is what comes to mind from that experience:
  1. A very full fly strip hanging above the dinner table.  Every night I lived in fear that one of those flies was going to drop on my plate.
  2. No air conditioning.
  3. Trying hard to pretend that I liked the taste of milk fresh from the cow when inwardly I was thinking YUCK!
  4. Forgetting my toothbrush and having the farm wife sterilize one of her toothbrushes for me to use.  Can I just say that combining that fact with well water made this city girl not brush her teeth for a week.  I feel another YUCK coming on.
Despite these facts, I romanticize life on a farm with all that fresh country air, homegrown vegetables, slower pace of life ...

I think I've watched "The Bridges of Madison County" one too many times :-).

Anyhow, it seems that this summer I have spent more time peeping out windows than in.  The heat, high humidity and my back issues have caused me to be in the house quite a bit this summer. 

So, rather than peeping in, I've been peeping out and, for the most part, enjoying the view.  So glad I planted lots of flowers on my patio so that they could be seen from the kitchen and the family room.

Sometimes I peeped into little windows in the kitchen.  I did encounter a bee, but at least she doesn't sting.

This window had a cooling effect even on the hottest days.

One day I spotted two butterflies dancing around the plants on the patio.  I grabbed the camera and ran but was only able to capture one of them.

Right after I captured it big rain drops began to fall.
I wondered what it would do as the drops were hitting it.  It seemed to nestle into the flowers until the rain subsided a bit.  Either that or it was hiding from this peeping Tom camera happy lady who's been cooped up in the house too long.


  1. Kim! I am on a blogging break, I promise, but I was very attracted to the lovely blue image you posted and had to "peek" through the window for a moment. I do think we are the same person! It seems we share the same favorite hobby! As I got to the bottom of your post I was intrigued by the fall leaves and then happily surprised to find my little snowman peeking back at me! How sweet of you. He looks as cute in your lovely home as I imagined. It truly is such a pleasure to visit here! Elizabeth

  2. Kim, I do the same thing. I enjoy looking in windows at night as we drive by, especially during the Christmas holidays! I love catching a glimpse of how people decorate! And btw, I love your zinnias!!
    Have you ever gone to see the Bridges of Madison County? We did a few years ago, on our way home from Chicago.

  3. I totally understand looking out the windows instead of being out in the heat.
    I like to look in lit windows when driving around, too. See what families are doing.
    Farm life does seem simple in one way but a lot of hard work in another.
    I hope your back is doing better.

  4. You must go out to water, because your plants are in beautiful shape!! If you're like me you wait til nearly dark!

  5. I love to sneek a peek into windows at night, too. Glad to know I'm not the only one. I imagine what the conversation is around the dinner table...Your flowers still look so pretty. No worries...fall will be here before you know it. Blessings, Patty

  6. You have some wonderful "Peeping Out" views, Kim! I hope your back is feeling a bit better...my husband is having a lot of sciatica trouble right now as well! It affects his leg. He does good when he is moving but just standing is a killer. This "getting older" thing has a few challenges....lol!


  7. Your pictures are so pretty today! I know what you mean about window peeping and farm fantasies. I can fantasize about it too but it's my husband's dream to live far out in the country. We actually have land that is way....down....a....dirt....road. It makes me hyperventilate to think about living there. Lonely!

  8. You are not alone! I love getting a little quick glimpse of a lit up room while passing by, catching a look at decor (do you notice there is always a light from a TV glaring, no matter what kind of house it is?), and wondering about the people who live there. Thank you for sharing your farm life memories (lol) and sharing your own photos of looking through glass.

  9. no wonder my mom loves you! I remember my mom would always point out peoples lit up windows while we were driving or taking a walk and we would make up little lives for them...imagining what they were doing inside their homes... and what they looked like...to this day, I still love it!

  10. I too like to peep in widows. Seems like there are a lot of us around. :-)

  11. LOL! What a wonderful posting. As a country girl I remember all of those things.Make due with what you had.
    Your window views are so pretty. Love your frosted window.

  12. I like to peep too, Kim, and I imagine the same things. I like to look at the decor if possible, too! Your garden looks lovely from the inside. I hope you're feeling better. It's too hot to play outside anyway.


  13. You amaze me in your ability to take such ordinary subjects as "windows", and create a beautiful and very interesting post. What skill that takes. This is a fun post and believe it or not, I can relate to it. When I ride motorcycle with my husband, I too enjoy glancing in the windows of cozy, softly lit homes. It seems so inviting and it takes my mind on it's own journey. I did think as I looked at each lovely picture, that you sure do have nice, clean windows, and I agree also, that this summer it is a bit more enjoyable to be inside, looking out. Great post.

  14. It is fun to look inside if they have they drapes open and the lights on. Especially in the winter. It looks so warm and cozy inside.

  15. Isn't it fun to see things we have in common when we're visiting! I have a little bee peeking out of my china cabinet, too! I guess I'll need to take a photo...unless you can peek in and see her! heehee! ♥

  16. I see you have sweet potato vine. And it isn't growing across the roof. I think mine is on steroids. And I haven't fertilized in months. I too am a peeping tom. I love to look in windows while driving down a dark street. I too romanticize farm life. Guess the grass is always greener...

  17. Kim, my name is Vee and I am also a window peeper. I love it when people leave their curtains open and their windows up as they are doing more often now that it is so warm. And I particularly like peeking in at a certain type of home and it's quite often a farmhouse. Guess it's because they're out in the country and they feel more at home in the world. And, yes, you do need to get out more. Ha! Thank you for all your sweet encouragements. I appreciate each and every one.

  18. I love to sneak a little peak at other peoples homes. I am mostly concerned with their decor, LOL! I want to live on a farm and I think I romanticize it as well.

  19. Oh Kim, I like peeping in windows too! Afterall, if they're going to leave their curtains wide open and the light on, what do they expect?! I had to chuckle at your rememberance of farm life. I, too, have such a desire to move to a farm. My son and I drive around and pick which ones we want and what animals we could raise. Unlike you, I have very fond memories of visiting my grandparents on their farm. No running water so brushing teeth was done outside with water from the dipper. An outhouse was the facility, okay, I guess you're wondering why I have fond memories of the farm:) It must have been my loving grandparents that made all the difference. Have a nice day, Kim! Twyla

  20. Kim, what a great post! I enjoy look in windows of homes at night too while DH is driving. I love your flowers on your patio and that butterfly was just gorgeous!

  21. I never realized or really thought about how many people do the same thing that I've loved to do all my life...peeking through windows as we drive by, and imagining what the lives are like and the way the house looks inside.
    We're all so different and yet so much alike.

    Your pictures are beautiful!!!

  22. Oh that bee is sooo cute! I've spent more time peeping out than in this summer. It's just so uncomfortable outside right now. I do love getting a glimpse into peoples homes!


  23. I can so identify with the 'peeking in windows'....and I love the homes that are open for all to see.

    Soon your temp's will cool off...and you will be on the outside looking in once more.

  24. You and I are same. Your collection of picture is really wonderful. I also like to peek in window. Thank you for sharing your farm life memories and sharing your own photos of looking through glass.
    Windows Dallas


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