Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Garden in January

On this day in January, the garden is covered by a blanket of bright white snow.  Though the flowers have faded and the leaves have all fallen, there remains a beauty and a sense of peace.

After all the hustle and bustle of December, January arrives offering a slower pace.  Snow days, soup days, sleepy days all seem quite acceptable on a day like this.

As much as I enjoy gardening, it's kind of nice to have a break from the lawn mowing.  For now Mother Nature is giving the garden a break.  A time to rest and recuperate before the next season begins.

And, though we may miss our colorful flowers and mouth watering garden produce, winter offers garden interest in a different way.  Pinecones frosted by sugary snow look right at home in the winter garden.

Until the leaves fell, I had no idea a squirrel family had been born and raised atop my Sugar Maple tree.  

In fact, several little bird's nests have been exposed in my winter garden.  It fascinates me that while all of this housekeeping was going on, I was completely oblivious to it. 

  On this day in January, I'm content to enjoy a different kind of garden ~ a winter garden.  I'll use this time to dream about what I want to plant in the Spring.  I'll gather up my gardening books and make notes of new things to try.  When Spring arrives, I'll be ready.  How about you?

Many thanks for your well wishes on my sciatica problem.  It is getting better and I'm hoping that a visit to the chiropractor today will speed the process.  I truly appreciate all of your good suggestions, but am sorry to hear that so many of you have also had to deal with it.  


  1. Glad that you're heading out to see a doc. No need to suffer any longer than necessary.

    What a lovely winter garden. I'm so impressed with the hardy pansy still trying to bloom.

  2. Your garden looks lovely, Kim. It's funny how those bird nests and squirrel nests show up in the winter.

    Feel better soon, and take care.


  3. Beautiful photos Kim...Hugs and smiles Gloria

  4. So true, we all need to rest as does the earth...everything to it's season for a reason! :D

  5. Thanks Kim for the lovely snowy
    photos. I love seeing what the
    seasons bring the gardens around
    my area. Each day brings a new
    surprise. I hope to post some
    more garden photos soon.
    Enjoy the slower pace of life.

  6. Every season has it's own beauty. You've captured the beauty of winter in your garden.

  7. Praying you are feeling better Kim, dh was helped by a chiropractor. I so enjoyed this walk through your garden. Our ice and snow has melted so that I will be out and about today. I guess we need the rest in winter just like our gardens do. lol.
    Take are.

  8. Lovely pictures.I especially like the tree shadow one. Glad you are going to the doc.Hope it helps. Take care.

  9. Lovely thoughts! Gardening season will come around all too soon.
    Sorry to hear you've had sciatica - that is very painful. Hope you recover soon - take it easy, keep warm and keep off your feet as much as you can.

  10. Hi Kim,
    Just back into town and sorry to hear you've had back problems.
    I hope it's all better now.
    I love the pansies in the winter and I, like you discovered a nest in a tree that was invisible till the leaves fell.
    Trying to stay warm in this cold snap we're having and the snow. What a shock at the amount we got.

  11. Glad to know you are doing better. Winter gardens are lovely! It makes us appreciate our summer gardens. The flower in the snow spells H-O-P-E doesn't it!

  12. Oh sweet Kim..... I love your positive outlook!!!
    You're so right.... winter gives us time to rest and reflect.... I'm already dreaming of the flowers blooming in the spring.

    Hoping the chiro..... helps, and you'll be good as new soon!


  13. Winter is a beautiful time of year. This AM 6 deer were nibbling on branches in our backyard that were not covered with snow.

    Your photos are lovely. Hope that you feel better soon.

  14. The blue in your images (and of the sky) look so beautiful against the white of snow. Love the shadows!

  15. Your garden looks good even in the winter. I do find myself looking forward to seeing what you plant this Spring. I like the picture of the Violet in the snow.

    Sure hope you feel better soon!

  16. Hi Kim! It has been too long. I found moving to this house so hard (many, many problems when we were fixing it up) that I dropped away from blogging other than posting now and then about the move.

    Love your winter garden. There is something so pretty and peaceful about snow. There is a special kind of stillness that comes with it. Enjoy it!

    Ours has all melted away but I still have hope we will see more before winter is over. Right now, we have far more rain than anyone needs and flooding in some areas. Thankfully we are fine here in our area.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  17. Thinking about you today. Sure do hope you are feeling much better.


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