Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chasing The Gray Away

Have the gray days of winter worn out their welcome for you?
Are you wondering if spring will ever arrive?
If you answered yes to the above questions, let me just say . . . I can relate!!

While channeling my inner Vavoom (more on that later), I stumbled upon this little vintagey vase.  I remember picking it up at a thrift store a few years ago and thinking it would look cute with a few pansies in it.  Since that purchase it has been patiently waiting in the cupboard where all Happy Home vases reside for it's turn to shine.

When I began blogging it seemed like this book appeared on many different blogs.  The title intrigued me, but I never actually saw the book until today while browsing at Tuesday Morning.

The price was right ;-).

As a person who enjoys thrift and antique shopping, I have a lot of vintage.  Some of it is on display, but the majority is hidden in drawers, attics and cupboards.  I guess you could say it's a lot of vintage in need of some serious Vavoom.

As I was revisiting some of my vintage pieces this afternoon I was reminded just how much I love these items. 

So, I vavoomed a viola into my vintage vase.

Which made me wonder why I've let that vase sit behind closed doors for all these years.

When all along the simple elements were right here. 
A thrift store vase, a few flowers and a digital camera.
One, two, three . . .

Like a ray of sunshine on a gray day.
So, if gray days are getting the best of you, just remember . . .

Just a few short weeks ago the violas stood frozen under a layer of snow.

Wishing you rays of sunshine,
Sending you warm thoughts
a bit of vavoom thrown in to keep it fun :-).



  1. Love all the vavoom here today and what a great price...your lucky day! :D

  2. Oh, Kim, I love your little vase and the viola. The purple and yellow is just the right touch to brighten up the grays! Annie

  3. Hi Kim,
    Such a lovely post.The sweet yellow vase is beautiful with the purple Viola in it, its just outstanding!
    You had quit the day! Enjoy reading your book..
    Hugs, Elizabeth

  4. The vase is fabulous with its purple posey! Nothing gray about it!!

  5. Vavoom...I need some! Thanks for the warm thoughts and rays of sunshine. We can definitely use both. Hope you get plenty, too. I love your little vase and I'm glad that you didn't completely forget it back there in the closet.

  6. The vase and the viola are perfection!

  7. Your vase is absolutely beautiful Kim, and seeing your viola reminds me to check on my pansies, and if they are as pretty as yours I will be bringing some blooms inside too. Such a wonderful uplifting post, as I am so looking forward to seeing my flowers bloom once again.

  8. I needed this little bit of vavoom. I'm sitting here after more snow wishing I was out walking this morning.
    What a pretty little vase for the viola. Is viola another name for a pansy or are they just similar plants?
    Good price on the book!!

  9. Your viola vavoom was vital today to chase away the winter gray! Thank you for for sharing! BTW, great price on the book! :)

  10. I'm beginning to see that ray of sunshine and thanks for the warm thoughts. We all can use those.
    Your vase and little viola is just darling. Your pics of them are so bright and clear. They made me smile.
    Mine are perking up again after the snow.

  11. Very pretty post and a timely reminder, if we needed it, that spring really is very nearly here!

  12. I have that book, and I love it! That perky little viola is singing to me that spring is not too very far over the horizon...

  13. My gray day just disappeared with this visit. Your skill in creating beauty and smiles on your blog is so impressive! The vintage and viola vavoom is perfect! Thanks for the lift.

  14. Good morning Kim..... this is such a sweet and happy post with a lot of vavoom. I love your vintage vase, and the Viola is perfect....
    Come on spring!!!

  15. Dear bright and cheery! Thank you for sharing a bit of "springtime!" Hugs ♥ Teri

  16. Hi Kim,

    What a lovely and cheerful post. Your little yellow vase with the viola is like a ray of sunshine.
    Hugs and Blessings,
    P.S. What a great price you got on your book - I love the book and look at mine often.

  17. Hello Kim - I just enjoyed reading about you on Janice's blog, so I thought I'd pop in to say hello.
    I love your vintagey vase, and envy you the violas. It is minus 29 Celsius (20 below 0 Fahrenheit) here and the forecast is for colder later.
    Thanks for the glimpse of warmer things to come.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  18. What great pic's...of your viola vavoom. Just how to brighten a gray day.

    I have some gray that needs chasing as well...the kind that gets chased away at the hair salon!

  19. Ha ha Judy. After a visit to the hair salon on Friday I chased that gray away too.

  20. Hi Kim,
    Found you on Janice's blog and came over to say Hello. Nice meeting you:)

    What a lovely post! Yello and purple does go very well and that lovely little vase sure seems in it's element, now that the Viola is there to remind it of spring:)

  21. What a beautiful vase! With all of snow today in our area this is the perfect post. I love little treasures such as this that brighten our homes and hearts. Thank you so much for visiting me and for your kind comments. I have enjoyed blogging with you so much. You have been a wonderful friend ♥

  22. It has been the past two white days that have been a bit much with way toooo much powder and sleet. :) What a charming little vase!

  23. Oh, Kim, how beautiful! The vase is lovely and the violas give it a burst of color! Perfect for these gray days of winter.



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