Thursday, February 3, 2011

Love ~ Sweet & Simple

  February is here.
A short month filled with Love.
Although I know it can seem like a loooonng month, can't it?

In February I like to find simple ways to share the LoVe and have a little fun too.  It helps to make that transition from winter to spring a bit more pleasant.  Speaking of spring, did you hear that Punxsutawney Phil says we're in for an early one this year? 

Now that may be a bit hard to believe for all of you who are dealing with the harshness of the "monster storms". 

While I can't be sure if Phil's prediction will be accurate, I am sure that conversation hearts are a simple, yet fun, way to brighten up a winter day and spread a little Valentine's cheer.

While in CVS yesterday, I couldn't resist picking up a few bags. 

To me there is just something so charming about them.

If you've followed my blog for any length of time you know this isn't the place to come for deep thoughts, spiritual enlightenment or higher education.  I'm here to tell you this post is no exception ;-).

While we may not be tackling the big things here, we all know that what the world needs now is Love Sweet Love and that is something we can do.

That and take pictures of our smoothies before we drink them.
And to think prior to blogging I would have just drank it without even realizing it looked just like a flower.



  1. Kim, I love those heart candies too! I love the picture of your smoothie too! It does look like a flower-a very delicious one!!

  2. You're so funny, Kim. I look at everything differently now, too. Should I take a picture of this... and sometimes I still forget to snap a pic I could use and am sorry later.
    Cute hearts! I just bought some candy at Walmart an hour ago. lol
    I hope you enjoyed your smoothy.

  3. Dear the soft does make me think of springtime...everything is so pretty that you have shared. Even though we have 10 plus inches of snow on the ground ~ I love birthday month...Valentine's Day and I love anything "hearts"...and there are only 28 days and then it is March and a bit warmer temperatures. Springtime is just around the corner...well maybe a few corners! Warmest Blessings ♥ Teri

  4. I totally love conversation hearts. I love the new ones that say "text me" or LOL. Too cute!

  5. You're a hoot, Kim! And I have read some very profound things here. You're not fooling me one little bit. Now you've made me want to pick up some conversation hearts. What a beautiful smoothie. I'm sure that it was yummy.

  6. Kim, I was just thinking of how 'old fashioned' those candies are (as a kid I just loved them and read every one before eating)....and all the sudden I saw one that said "tweet me". I just cracked up! Some things never change, and some things have to. I don't tweet, but it sure is popular for those who do!

  7. Kim .... I love your blog!!!!

    I buy the little candy hearts too and love them.... but always pray I don't break a tooth biting down on the little critters.

    I'm glad you said that was a smoothie.... looks like a pretty flower...

  8. I love candy hearts too..and that last pic is really neat! :D

  9. Hi Kim! Loved this post. I'm trying to work up a new header for my blog and thinking of a way to put some conversation hearts into it. I remember these hearts from years and years ago. We sure wouldn't have seen a "tweet me" or "LOL" back then. :D Times have changed, that's for sure. But one thing never changes and that is people's need for l-o-v-e. Just wish there were more of it going around and maybe the world would be a better place! Take care. ~Cheryl

  10. Pretty, pretty post. Blogging certainly makes one more observant, I think. The smoothie is wonderful:-)

  11. What a delightful post. I love those heart candies as well. I have a sticker of a little heart like that on the top of my computer that my husband put there which says, "Hi Love."
    Blogging sure does make you look at every day things differently. That smoothie does look like a flower!
    I sure hope the groundhog is right!!

  12. Kim, what a LOVE~ly post. I like to buy those little conversation hearts too!


  13. Those little heart candies bring back so many fond memories for me. In elementary school, we were so into them every Valentine's Day. As for the "sweet and simple" of this post...I find that quite refreshing and so pretty.

  14. Kim, this truly is the "sweetest" of posts I have ever read. Charming, all the little things we don't see at first glance. Thank you so much for always saying just the right words to me. I can't tell you how much they mean! Have a lovely week ahead. E

  15. Hi Kim,
    This was such a sweet post,(no pun intended) and I love your photos. Now please share your smoothie recipe, we have one every night and ours is purple, from the strawberries mixed with blueberries.
    Your orange smoothie looks delicious.
    Enjoy your week.


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