Friday, September 23, 2011

Autumn's Here ... Hip, Hip, Hooray

***  Autumn has officially arrived ***

When the fresh fall air starts moving in, my thoughts turn to apples.  I can't wait to pick them, eat them and bake with them.

How about cozying up your kitchen with a little fall-time baking?
This Caramel Apple Cake tastes wonderful and makes the kitchen smell good as the scents of cinnamon and nutmeg mingle in the air. Last week I had a birthday dinner for my husband and I knew this was the cake for the occasion. The recipe can be found here.

Fall is such a great time to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Autumn gardening holds an entirely new appeal as the heat and humidity of summer slowly disappear from the horizon.

It's fun to freshen up the garden with mums.  At this time of year I remove the plants that have been barely hanging in there all summer and add a bit of fall color in their place. 

As the days get shorter it's nice to cozy up the nooks and crannies inside.  Small lamps and candles in fall scents work great for this.  I'm currently burning spiced apple candles, but next month they will be changed to pumpkin, only to be followed by my favorite November scent ~ Yankee Candle's Harvest.
It sounds a bit like the candle of the month club, doesn't it? ;-).

I am looking forward to lots of porch sittin' time this fall.  It has been so hot here this summer that there was almost no time spent sitting outside.  I plan to change that. 

To me fall is the time for soups and stews and chili.  It's time to dust off the crock pot and enjoy the smell of dinner simmering away after being gone all day.  It's time to fill a bowl full of gourds and acorns and set it in the center of the table.  An easy, yet pretty centerpiece as we gather around the table to enjoy those fall meals.
Autumn has arrived.
Time to enjoy.


  1. Kim, it's so beautiful! I love your autumn post and your autumn header and everything.

  2. Oh each and every FALL! Such a "chill" in the to "snuggle" to keep warm! Flannel sheets and fleece pajamas...just two of my favorites! Fall blessings my dear friend! Hugs ~ Teri

  3. I'll be glad when fall stops teasing us and really comes here! :-)

  4. I am just imagining the smell of that cake - mouthwatering:-)
    Our autumn can be warm and sunny - or cold and wet - or a mixture of both. At present the sun is shining and the birds are singing so it's time for some gardening.

  5. Kim, that cake looks so yummy! Happy Fall Y'all!!

  6. It certainly does look like Fall has arrived to your neck of the woods. Everything always looks the same around here. Fortunately, temps have started to cool down a tiny bit during the day, moreso at night. and it's been hazy and cloudy the past few days so that makes me want to cozy up. I like the idea of a candle of the month ... I usually stick with vanilla, cinnamon and pumpkin spice all year round. Hope you are having a fab Friday. Tammy

  7. Oh Kim, I love this post... very uplifting to think of cooler weather. We're still have temps in the 90's.... ugh!

    I love each and every one of your pictures..... BEAUTIFUL!!

    The cake looks so delicious and I can almost smell the fragrance.
    Happy weekend!

  8. Your new header is gorgeous! You certainly have an Autumn fan here and I think you did a perfect job in welcoming it's arrival. I remember your apple/caramel cake from last year and I smile when I think of it. You know how I like apples and Autumn. Thanks for sharing your joy with us.

    Hope you have an enjoyable weekend!

  9. I am crazy about all of it too...I have been eating lots of caramel apples! Love your cake! ;D

  10. Everything is so pretty around your house! Love your vignettes and photos.
    I've already been making soups and chilli! Yummo!
    Have a good weekend!

  11. I think I'm in the mood now! LOVE the pumpkins on the porch rail and the beautiful apple cake. Your pictures are lovely!

  12. Kim, I always know when I visit, that I am in for a treat, and your fall post is wonderful. I will be shopping for a fall candle today, thanks for the names of some scents.
    Enjoy this new season.

  13. I just love your Fall photos. The caramel apple cake looks scrumptious, and I love to eat anything apple in the Fall too. The picture of the leaves is beautiful, and I LOVE LOVE the porch with the pumpkins. You really captured the beauty of Fall in these pictures. I did a Fall post yesterday too. So much fun. Have a lovely weekend. I always like to come over here and visit.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  14. We were on the verge of nice cool mornings and evenings, but this week has been rainy and actually muggy so I turned the air conditioning back on! Soon, though, very soon!

  15. What a beautiful Fall post, Kim! Your Caramel Apple Cake sounds delicious...I love anything apple this time of year. I can almost smell your candle scents. I'm hoping to buy my mums this week and start some outside decorating.


  16. This is a gorgeous autumn post, Kim! I don't know how I've missed seeing this the last few days! You really have a beautiful fall look going on at your house. And the cake looks so good! Have a wonderful day!

  17. Roasted sunflower seeds, pumpkin soup, apple cobbler....ummm I love fall!! The leaves are already looking so pretty where you are. Ours have barely begun to change.

  18. Love your fall decor...and can hardly wait to make a caramel apple cake again. I have always baked a cake much like that...but 'borrowed' your caramel frosting recipe a few years ago & that really kicked it up a notch! Thanks for sharing.

  19. Happy Autumn Kim. The fall is such a beautiful time of year. I have been thinking about baking too. I don't know what it is but when the weather gets cool that's what I think about. I enjoyed seeing all of your beautiful pictures.

  20. Great autumn post!! It is still so rainy here but I can see a few of the trees started to turn color.
    We got back home Sunday. Will start posting again probably on Monday.

  21. Now ya got me droolin' all over the keyboard! That cake looks amazingly delicious girl!

    Your autumn pictures are so beautiful I can almost feel the crispness in the air!!!

    God bless and have a terrific Thursday!!! :o)

  22. This was such a pretty autumn post! It is my favorite season. Your caramel apple cake looks delicious.

  23. Hi Kim...I'm shug and I am visiting from over at Chery's place, aka. The Farmer's Daughter.
    enjoyed my stop here...and that cake looks heavenly..
    Hope you'll find the time to stop by and visit me...
    Hugs to you,

  24. I was just passing through and thought id stop and say hello. Have a very nice weekend everyone. Richard from the Amish community of Pennsylvania.

  25. *sigh* My favorite season and I am so happy that it is here!

    Hugs from Holland ~


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